John Kinkaid: ‘Get out and vote’ |

John Kinkaid: ‘Get out and vote’

To the editor:

Please don't stay home this election cycle. Get out and vote. Sit down at your kitchen table and go over your ballot or a sample ballot.

What's important to you? Economics and jobs? Government debt and spending? The direction of the nation? Immigration? A lodging tax?

Don't be part of the enthusiasm gap. Pick up your banner and wave it high. Engage in this grand experiment called a democratic republic, a form of government based on freedom and liberty.

No kings or dictators are deciding your children's future. There is a freedom to succeed, a freedom to fail, and a freedom to try again and again.

Stay engaged.

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The experiment isn't over next week or next year or the next decade. Think long-term.

Together, we are on this great journey. Let's vote and take the next step and then the next step after that, until we pass the banner on to those who have been following in our footsteps.

Then it will be theirs to carry into the future.

Ready. Set. Go.

John Kinkaid

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