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John and Jodi Pogline: Faith and history

To the editor:

We wish to thank Mr. Troy Taylor for providing clear facts for Mr. James Merett and the rest of the Craig Daily Press readers.

It is good to know someone else is interested in the truth about our Founding Fathers and is willing to research the public record to verify their "sworn public confessions of Biblical faith."

America should be ashamed of its departure from the foundational principles upon which it was built. It is sad that 93 percent of our present day politicians don't even have Biblical knowledge, let alone a confession of Biblical faith.

Pastor Potter is correct. We were founded upon Biblical principles. Mr. Jeremy Browning needs to return to his American history classes and review the colonization of America by the Puritans in 1607 as they searched for freedom from religious persecution.

The American Revolution of 1775-1783 was fought for independence from English taxation without representation and had nothing to do with sex.

If Mr. Browning wishes to know what a pastor's duty is, he should research the Bible for his facts and especially read Ephesians 4:11-13.

Thank you again, Mr. Taylor, for setting the record straight about our Founding Fathers.

It is always best to have facts to support one's opinion.

John and Jodi Pogline