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Joanne Lighthizer: Craig has theft problem

To the editor,

I thought long and hard about writing this or not. I have to warn others like myself about this problem with theft in Craig.

I had a store luxury liquidation sale at Centennial Mall recently and was appalled at what happened. The sale was up to 90 percent off, but apparently that was not enough for some.

First, I had two ladies come in and they wanted to open all the sets to make sure they were complete. It was a lady with her mother-in-law.

We posted a sign saying people could not open packages so they were not "changed," and it is difficult to get the larger sets back in the bag.

The older lady said she would not buy them if she couldn't open them, so she opened them — many of them — and managed to get a sheet set in one of the boxes.

I didn't know until later, and I lowered the price for her.

Then, the other woman wanted a similar set. I asked her if it had sheets, just to give her the chance to be honest, but she denied it did. I looked and would not lower the price.

She left, as the first got the sheets free without me knowing.

The other that stayed in my mind were two ladies with baby strollers and toddlers. They proceeded to fill their strollers and diaper bags full.

Apparently, these two are well known in town. I did not know about them and surely wish someone had warned me.

It seems that the Christmas spirit has brought out opportunities for the local thieves. I cannot express how upset I was with the amount that was stolen in those four days.

I will continue to be open in Centennial Mall and will be far more "alert" to these kinds of scams. No one will be allowed to open packages this time, so they can't slip other things into them.

Merry Christmas indeed.

Joanne Lighthizer