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Jay and Dotty Oxley: CNCC betters Craig

— To the editor:

As a local businessperson, I know that the healthiest towns in America are college towns, and with very good reason.

Colleges, and specifically Colorado Northwestern Community College, help our overall economic health by producing better and more qualified individuals, bringing new people into our locality and also creating an attraction that helps keep our children from needing to leave town to find careers.

The college is an essential part of Craig's future.

From an economic development standpoint, it also creates new jobs and breeds entrepreneurship. The availability of higher education is a huge boon to the business community. By producing and having professionals in a community, it creates an atmosphere that is attractive to other professionals and their families. This, in turn, brings businesses that want to tap the local economy and helps contribute to our local tax base. It all comes back, full circle, and CNCC provides a wonderful base for that circle.

Personally, my wife I have two sons who were enrolled in dual credit classes through Moffat County High School.

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This kept both of their minds engaged in a higher level of learning and provided a great deal of savings taking those credits to their respective four-year universities.

One entered as a second-semester sophomore and the other was nearly a college junior. Whether you're children are advanced, or if they (or their parents) appreciate a challenge that is beyond the normal high school curriculum, then I highly recommend CNCC for both the betterment of our youth and the financial savings.

As long-time Craig residents, business owners, parents, and active members of the community, we are thrilled that we are going to have a new campus.

It is a college with programs that will enrich our community and will benefit this town for years to come. Thank you, CNCC, for being a great partner to our town, and we look forward to the new campus.

Jay and Dotty Oxley

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