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Janet Sheridan: Craig revisited

Janet Sheridan

Janet Sheridan

After my column about worthy locations in Craig, several of you told me about local places you enjoy. Realizing what discriminating people my readers are, I immediately added your suggestions to my list.

A friend chose the fairgrounds when it's bustling with 4-H and FFA activity. It is rewarding to watch our youth display meticulous projects, model self-sewn clothing, demonstrate marksmanship and show well-groomed animals from beef to rabbits. When finished with serious competition, they ride the mechanical bull, rope chickens or chase pigs. You have to love them.

Waiting for her exercise class to begin, a Wellness Wednesday lady chatted with me about the overlapping shades of green that border the playing fields of Sunset Elementary School — the arboretum: a quiet escape from the continual busyness that besets us. When I walk in its serenity, I am grateful for the diversity, silent grace and uncomplaining nature of trees.

At the supermarket, a sweet-voiced lady, pushing a cart holding a single banana, mentioned the uniqueness of the Sandrocks. Last September, I walked along the Sandrocks in the fall as the sun faded, the lights of the football field blossomed, and fans dotted the bleachers. But even as I soaked up panoramic views in all directions, I acknowledged that the picturesque cliffs interfere with cell phone usage from Taylor to Alta Vista and cause gritted teeth and bad thoughts in some residents, including my husband.

A gentleman walking his dog briskly from one patch of shade to another on a hot July afternoon, asked why I didn't include the restored school district administration building on Yampa, a well crafted reminder of Craig's past. I love that building. When I worked there, I imagined early mornings on long-ago winter days: the mingled smell of wet wool and radiator-heated air as high school students strolled the halls, calling to one another from the central staircase, while teachers leafed through lesson plans and adjusted blinds against the glare of sun on snow.

A soccer mom mentioned the fields of Woodbury Park, her second home. When I drive by this green, busy expanse, I see from players from children to adults playing this universally popular game.

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The word "play" is particularly apt when a team consists of the very young. They run about with no regard for the ball, pick dandelions, compare shoes and chat with anyone within range. Once a young goalie with clouds of red hair wandered over during play to inform the crowd near the end zone that on Monday she "got to get braces." But her sister didn't get to have them.

An acquaintance with a worn cowboy hat and work-hardened hands, told me the symbol of Moffat County should be a mud-splattered diesel pickup hauling a water tank; and the chug of a diesel engine could be the county song. I smiled in recognition; I like seeing diesel trucks on our streets because they represent those who live close to the land. A friend told me one of my favorite stories about Craig: Several years ago she attended a meeting where it was announced that there was a diesel pickup in the parking lot with its motor running. Nine people left.

I have a collector's nature. And now I'm collecting special spots in Craig and Moffat County. Please feed my obsession; tell me about the sites you like — large or small, natural or manmade, humorous or beautiful.

Craig Daily Press columnist Janet Sheridan can be reached at jnj701@msn.com.

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