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Jade Wilhite: Pink Ladies wonderful

To the editor:

The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Volunteers, more affectionately known as the Pink Ladies, have been instrumental not only in the day-to-day operations of the hospital but also in providing items ranging from blood pressure cuffs to diapers. All with the goal of providing for a patient's comfort and safety.

The Pink Ladies strive to make every patient's experience at the hospital a positive one. One of the comforts day surgery patients may enjoy is the use of iPods that were purchased by the Pink ladies. Patients who do not need to be fully anesthetized during their procedure use the iPods to help them relax during surgery.

Obstetric patients also benefitted when the Ladies purchased the Obstetric Traceview system.

This system allows our physicians to remotely monitor a baby's heartbeat and the mother's contractions during labor. The information is transmitted to the doctor at his/her office allowing the doctor to continue to see patients in the clinic while closely monitoring a mother-to-be who is in labor at the hospital.

The care our Pink Ladies give to patients doesn't end when they leave the hospital.

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Each baby born at TMH goes home with a TMH swaddle blanket and now the group is in the process of purchasing Gait Belts for patients who will need help from home caregivers. Gait Belts are a safety device that a patient wears that allows a caregiver to maintain control of the patient's body and prevent a fall.

TMH Auxiliary Volunteers raise funds used to make these purchases through activities such as their annual yard sale, bake sale and proceeds from their gift shop located in the lobby of the hospital. Many thanks to them for all they contribute.

If you would like information on becoming an Auxiliary Volunteer, contact me at 826-3171, or e-mail me at jade.wilhite@tmhcraig.org

Jade Wilhite

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