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Jackie Adams: Seat belt use

To the editor:

On Feb. 22, my daughter was driving down Finley Lane and saw a state trooper but ignored him. She then drove to K-Mart, where he turned his lights on and she pulled over. He walked up and asked her if she knew why he stopped her. She said she didn't.

He then pointed to her mirror and she looked at him and said, "what?" She had an air freshener hanging from her mirror.

He said the object was an obstruction of her view. She looked at him and said, "You've got to be kidding." He said he wasn't. He then asked her if she was going to take it down.

He waited while she took the obstruction from her mirror (it was one of those that look like a Christmas tree). He then said she didn't have a seat belt on. She informed him she had taken it off when she stopped.

Her purse was on the passenger side floor and she couldn't reach it unless she took her belt off. My daughter informed him that she had just taken it off. He said he would have to give her a ticket because she didn't have one on then. He was also going to notate on her ticket about the obstruction of view (which he did not).

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My daughter faithfully wears her seat belt because last year she was stopped on graduation day because of not wearing a seat belt and she had to attend the class Alive at 25. After attending, she now wears her seat belt. Now we have to go to court for a seat belt violation that I don't think she deserves.

In my opinion, these State Troopers and Trooper Matt Normandin are harassing our young children.

She wasn't doing anything wrong.

Jackie Adams

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