Investigators entered Romanowski home illegally |

Investigators entered Romanowski home illegally

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (AP) – Statements to investigators by Denver Broncos linebacker Bill Romanowski and his wife cannot be used in their prescription drug trials because officers entered their home illegally, a judge ruled Tuesday.

District Judge Thomas Curry called the statements “the fruit of a poisonous tree” because federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents and county officers entered the Romanowskis’ home on Aug. 20, 1999, without consent or warrant.

Romanowski is charged with illegally obtaining and possessing the prescription diet drug phentermine, an appetite suppressant that also stimulates the central nervous system. His trial is scheduled June 26.

Julie Romanowski is accused of illegally obtaining the drug for him. Her trial is scheduled Aug. 14.

Neither was at Tuesday’s hearing. Julie Romanowski testified earlier that investigators entered the couple’s home without permission and said they were investigating their doctor.

Investigators said they merely stepped over the threshold of the couple’s house, then stepped back and waited for permission before entering.

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Curry denied a defense motion to dismiss charges against Bill Romanowski because of the way the investigation was conducted.

Harvey Steinberg, the couple’s attorney, has claimed officers threatened the Romanowskis’ nanny with deportation and harassed the couple at an autograph signing session.

Curry has not ruled on Steinberg’s motion to drop fraud charges against Bill Romanowski. Steinberg argued they were based on a vague statute.

The couple’s doctor, Randall Snook, is expected to testify during the trials. He pleaded guilty to providing diet pills and was sentenced to 18 months of probation.

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