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Christina M. Currie

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Insurance company not harassing man

A local car dealer was mistaken when he said late last month that the county’s insurance company was harassing him.

Tony Maneotis sued the county in a lawsuit after he drove through an intersection in February 2003 and was hit by a sheriff’s deputy.

The deputy drove through a red light, with emergency lights and sirens, on his way to a medical emergency.

The lawsuit was settled more than a year ago. But last month, Maneotis said he thought he was being harassed when a letter arrived from an insurance company demanding money.

His attorney, Ed Carlstead, of Denver, said he thinks Maneotis may have received a letter from St. Paul Property and Liability Insurance Com-pany or its attorney, but contact ended when Carlstead replied that the matter already had been settled.

Carlstead said Maneotis could have been referring to a letter he received from his insurance company regarding payment of the deductible.

“It flows out of this case but has nothing to do with the county or the county’s insurance company,” Carlstead said.

In the case, its insurance company reimbursed the county for damage to its vehicle, and his insurance company reimbursed Maneotis.

The two companies then agreed to enter into arbitration between themselves. They settled on Nov. 16, 2004. Terms of the settlement were confidential.

“The county had no knowledge of any letter that would have went out after this case was closed,” County Attorney Kathleen Taylor said.

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