Incidents reported for Nov. 17 |

Incidents reported for Nov. 17

Police responded to a traffic accident at 690 West Victory Way. Jason Steffan,17, was cited for failure to provide proof of insurance.

Police responded to a report at 200 South Highway 13 that an employee allegedly took $40 from a cash drawer.

Police responded to a complaint that there were five people behind at 1111 West Victory Way skinning out a freshly killed animal.

Incidents reported for Nov. 18

Police assisted the ambulance at 322 Stout Street for a 46-year-old female that was experiencing chest pains.

Incidents reported for Nov. 20

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A small white car reportedly stole gas from 923 East Victory Way.

A teal Chevvy Pickup occupied by two Hispanic males reportedly stole gas from 1302 West Victory Way.

Police responded to 731 Yampa Ave. where a fight was reportedly going to take place in the building. Neither party was arrested.

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