Ide family: Thank you, community |

Ide family: Thank you, community

To the editor:

We were recently reminded of what a wonderful community we have in Craig, during the loss of our father, Jerry Ide, on Aug. 8.

The support our family received through cards, notes, emails, phone calls, visits and more was incredible.

The goodness in people is heartwarming.

We are so grateful to Fr. Mike Rapp, who gave an inspirational funeral mass that brought us peace and positive thoughts.

Thank you, also, to the veterans who assembled to give the 21-gun salute. It was solemn, thought-provoking and touching.

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Fran and Howdy brought such honor to Dad, as a Knights of Columbus member, as they stood guard over him in full uniform.

We also can't begin to thank Louise Lux for her time in both cooking for and organizing the meal following the funeral. Many thanks to all who took time to prepare and donate food.

Dad had several visits to our local hospital, some long and some short. We could compliment every department we came in contact with — our EMTs, ER personnel, Beth and Donnetta at the nursing station, the people in the respiratory department, physical therapy, nursing aides and those amazing nurses.

Even the kitchen personnel went above and beyond to try to help Dad. The kindness and patience shown to us helped us get through several sad and difficult situations.

It felt as if we gained many friends during our time there. We would love to mention everyone we came to rely on, however, there were so many people that we'd be afraid of missing even one person.

We have to give special thanks, though, to Cathy, Stacey and Dani, who were at our side and helped us through the last days with Dad. Special thanks also to Dr. Greg Roberts. He had respect for Dad and gave him outstanding care. In a world where sometimes the elderly don't get all the time and respect they deserve, Dr. Roberts showed he cared about each day of Dad's life. Many thanks to all of you.

A final note of thanks goes to Owen, Kim and Judy at Grant Mortuary.

You take a difficult job, when we are so sad and vulnerable, and you do it with grace and respect.

Your team influences how we heal from our sad losses. We will forever be grateful for your compassion.

Mike and Tracy (Sheldon) Elzey

Matt Sheldon

Terry Ide

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