Humble health care: Dr. Dennis Kinder earns title of county’s best physician |

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Humble health care: Dr. Dennis Kinder earns title of county’s best physician

Dennis Kinder, an internist at The Memorial Hospital Medical Clinic, has practiced medicine in Craig for 16 years. He’s developed a base of supporters in that time as well. Craig Daily Press readers voted Kinder the best doctor in Moffat County in the newspaper’s 2011 Best of Moffat County contest.

Dr. Dennis Kinder offered a practical explanation on why he was named Moffat County's best physician.

"I've been working here for quite a while now, and I have a fair population of patients," Kinder said.

It's an appropriately modest response from the humble internist.

While it may be true that Kinder has grown his list of patients over the years, his response overlooks the compassionate and good-humored care Kinder is known for.

Kinder, 48, is originally from Twisp, Wash. He has been practicing medicine in Moffat County for 16 years, almost as long as he has been a doctor.

When Kinder and his wife, Dr. Pamela Kinder, finished their residencies in Utah, they were looking for a new community to settle in.

Kinder learned of an opening with Dr. Thomas Told, who ran a clinic in Craig at the time.

"We came out and we really liked it here," Kinder said. "This is where we wanted to be."

Kinder worked for Told for three years, then opened a clinic with his wife. Kinder stayed at the clinic for 13 years, until joining The Memorial Hospital Medical Clinic earlier this year.

The move has been good, he said.

"I like working here because I have partners," he said. "It's nice to have specialty care, like we have here. We have a urologist and a cardiologist, people like that, who we can just walk down the hall and talk about a patient with.

"That's been a huge benefit. It makes things easy, easier."

As an internal medicine doctor, Kinder deals with cases of diabetes, hypertension, chronic lung disease and more.

"Any adult medical-type problems is what I take care of," he said.

The nature of his specialty means a large percentage of Kinder's patients are elderly, a circumstance that suits him well.

"I enjoy elderly people because of their life experiences and the things they've lived through and the stories they have," he said. "They're very interesting people to work with. They're always very appreciative of what you do for them."

Jennifer Riley, chief of organizational excellence at TMH, said Kinder approaches patients as partnerships.

"In some cases, he's known his patients for the better part of their adult lives," she said. "And, they know the treatment they get from him is exceptional."

Riley said Kinder's personality plays a big role in his work.

"He's a great guy," she said. "He's fun and he's funny and he's very compassionate. I think that lends itself to feeling like you're receiving excellent care."

And, while Kinder's response to the 2011 Best of Moffat County honor may have been humble, Riley takes a more direct approach.

"When I found out that Dennis Kinder was selected … it didn't surprise me at all," she said.

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