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Humane Society fundraiser nets $1,700 in Moffat County

For a few hours Saturday, the west end of Centennial Mall in Craig transformed from a place of commerce to one of catwalks.

There was music, amateur models, and the latest fashions.

And dogs.

Twenty-four models and five pooches participated in the third annual Rescues and Runways, a fundraising event for the Humane Society of Moffat County sponsored by Maurices women's clothing store.

Rose Lindquist, Maurices store manager, said the idea to sponsor an event to benefit local animal shelters came down three years ago from the company's corporate offices in Duluth, Minn.

In its first two years, participation in Rescues and Runways was mandatory for all 800 Maurices stores around the country, but it was optional this year.

"We have a really great relationship with the Craig Animal Shelter and the Humane Society," Lindquist said. "We wanted to continue to do whatever we could to support them."

Lindquist said her store was allowed to accept cash donations throughout November and netted more than $1,300 for the Humane Society.

In return, donors were given a coupon for 20-percent off a single item in the store.

Couple the cash donations with the $410 brought in by a silent auction Saturday, and Maurices nearly tripled the amount of funds raised during last year's event, about $600.

"That is a fantastic amount that the community has given and we really appreciate it," said Pat Pearce, Humane Society vice president. "The money will be used for our transfer program to move animals to other shelters when they don't get adopted and for the spay and neuter program."

April Rogers, associate manager at Maurices, said the show was a success.

"This was our first time coordinating rescues and runways without our boss Rose," Rogers said. "We had a lot of models this year who did great and showed off some nice outfits."

Among this year's lineup of models was 7-year-old Trynity Hummel. It was Hummel's first walk down the runway.

"I was nervous and a little scared," she said. "But, it was a lot of fun."

Hummel and 17-year-old Jordan McLeslie sported outfits from Maurices' pajama line. The two decided to walk the runway together — hand-in-hand.

"Walking together was both of our ideas," said McLeslie, who has participated in the event once before. "It was really fun. She's adorable."

Hummel said she tries to get her mother to take her to Maurices almost every day, and now that she has one runway event under her belt, she plans on participating again in the future.

Humane Society secretary Ann Anderson said she wouldn't know until today if any of the five dogs and five cats available at the show were adopted.

"People came in and showed interest in adopting some of our animals," Anderson said. "We won't know how serious they are until they come down to the shelter next week."

Anderson is hopeful someone takes an interest in Ruford, an akbash/akita mix.

"Ruford is in desperate need of adoption because he has been in and out of the shelter for a while," Anderson said. "He's a big dog, rambunctious and has a lot of energy, but someone who knows what they're doing will be able to get him under control fast."

Also available Saturday was Pal, a brown shepherd mix puppy; his brother Percy, a black shepherd mix puppy; Max, a black and white border collie mix; and Flower, a hound dog.

Anderson said it's hard to know how many dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are available for adoption at the shelter, but unlike this time last year, the Humane Society isn't over capacity.

As part of Saturday's event, the cost of adopting a pet was reduced to $60.

But, Anderson said those looking to add a member to the family have plenty of opportunities throughout the year to adopt an animal at a discounted rate.

"We run a discount adopt-a-thon called Second Chance Saturday," Anderson said. "It takes place during the second Saturday of every month and you can adopt a dog or cat for $60, which includes spay or neuter, vaccinations and feline leukemia tests for cats."

Although Second Chance Saturday typically takes place on the second Saturday of each month, it was bumped up this month to coincide with Rescues and Runways.

For more information on Second Chance Saturday, call 824-7235 or visit the Humane Society at 2430 E. Victory Way.

Lindquist said she is already looking forward to next year.

"We hope it continues to grow and that more and more people turn out for the show in the future," Lindquist said. "It's a lot of fun and we enjoy doing it."

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