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Herring: Vote for the best man

To the editor:

For years, I have been writing letters warning your readers that the Republican Party was corrupt, and that there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Neither party is for the people or for the Constitution, but rather for themselves, and for power and money.

The race for governor in Colorado is a sad, infuriating example. We had a primary election. We voted for a candidate.

Dan Maes won that process, but because our vote and our voice were not what the Republican machine wanted, they threw a tantrum.

They did not stand by us or Dan Maes. They did not help him one bit, and have not to this day.

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The Republican Party has been so upset about the tea party movement because of the threat of a third party split.

But, here we are in Colorado with the Republican Party supporting a third party candidate.

Shame on the Republican Party machine. Shame on Tom Tancredo.

Tancredo is a career politician who voted for TARP twice.

He entered the race because we are too stupid and we voted for the wrong person.

We will get a Democrat governor who has been to Craig once.

Tancredo has been here once. Dan Maes has been here six — that's six — times.

The Republican Party is currently being of great support to the Democratic Party and because of the Republican Party, we will get a democratic governor who does not support energy growth.

Again, another example of the corruption of the party and the total disregard the Republican Party has for "We the people."

Thank you, Tom Tancredo and the Colorado Republican Party machine, for taking away the voice and vote of the people.

Had you put your support and money behind Dan Maes from the start, because we voted for him, instead of throwing mud and manufacturing issues against him (because you think you know better than us), we wouldn't be in this mess.

So again, thanks a bunch. I will remember this come the next election.

I know Dan Maes, I have looked him in the eyes and he is a good man.

Has he made mistakes? You bet. He's not perfect, are you? There is no such thing as a perfect candidate, but he is the best choice out of the three, and he believes in the people.

I am voting for Dan Maes.

He may not win, but I am not voting for the person who can win. I am voting for a good man.

Lynne Herring

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