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Herring: A worthy candidate

To the editor:

I would like to encourage your readers to mark Aug. 10 in red on their calendars. On Aug. 10, get out and vote in the Colorado primary election.

I would also like to encourage the voting public to vote for Tony St. John for Moffat County Commissioner, District 2. 

I have known Tony for many years and I truly do not know anyone who loves this community and the people of Moffat County more than Tony. He is a friend to all and an enemy to none, and, if you know Tony, you know that is literally the truth.

Tony has served this community for many years, first as a Craig City Council member, and currently he is serving on the Moffat County School Board.

He is also the one who started the seat belt safety awareness program, working with our younger drivers and the Craig Police Department for many years.

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Tony has owned several successful businesses and has spent more than 20 years working in the coal industry. He is passionate about bringing new businesses to this community and working hard on reversing the new state bill, Colorado House Bill 10-1365.

High on his to-do list is to work with the coal, oil and gas industries to bring them back to Moffat County.

Tony does not know everything, but he is willing to do all he can to find the answers.

He is very aware about the energy concerns that affect this county and is willing to work hard to find solutions. So please, again, mark Aug. 10 on your calendar and vote with me for Tony St. John for county commissioner. 

Thank you.

Lynne Herring

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