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Heidi Click: Settling down

Heidi Click smiles after preparing a sandwich platter to accommodate a customer’s holiday order Saturday in the deli at City Market. Click, who has lived in Craig for three years, said working at City Market is like having a large extended family.

"You're as young as you feel.

I left Craig, thinking maybe I needed to find a different job opportunity. I went across six states, and I ended up back in Craig after a four week odyssey.

I'm kind of a gypsy, actually. I've lived in a lot of places. I was born in Colorado Springs. Loveland and L.A. … I've lived in Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Montana and here.

When I was an adult, I wasn't being dragged around. It was always striving to improve my life. It was like, 'Oh, I want to move to Montana;' it was always for a job.

When you move that much, you can't really cement relationships. That was lacking in my life, and I didn't even know it. Much more so than just your intimate relationship. My relationships with my distant family have improved, just because of how I learned the depth that a relationship can actually go.

It's the difference between saying 'Hey, how you doing,' where the person might be a block away before you hear the answer. And here, when somebody asks you, they really want to know how you're doing. The capacity for caring and compassion in this town is amazing.

Here at City Market, we're like a family. A lot goes into making this store. From the vendors to the carry outs to the management to everyone in between. The pharmacists … we're really tight with our cleaning and maintenance crew.

It's been a tough year. There's been a lot going on. A lot of death, sickness. It's been tough for people.

I have a good social network, my three dogs and my cat. Then there's my crazy chicken, which most people would recognize my chicken before they recognized me.

He was my dad's bird, and when we lost my dad, I inherited him. He's actually a cockatoo. But he's as big as a chicken. He screams really loud. He rides everywhere with me. I'm the crazy lady with three dogs hanging out and my chicken on the steering wheel.

My dad wrote a poem that was actually read at his memorial that was called 'Ode to a Tuna Sandwich.' My dad could brighten anyone's life.

If you don't take him, there's hell to pay when you get home. He'll start lobbing green beans at you. He's like a three-pound carnival.

I feel very fortunate because I think I've met the only man on the planet who can handle such a herd. He built a condo for Frodo.

The eight years I was at the airline was … yeah. But, I wouldn't recommend drinking before flying. The alcohol effect is about six times higher above 17,000 feet.

Back in Portland, Ore., a bunch of girls, we'd want to go out for a couple drinks after work, so we'd hop on the red-eye to Vegas, have our couple of drinks and fly back.

Do not tip a cocktail waitress in nickels. Even if it's all you have, and you're being pretty generous, they will throw them at you, and it will hurt.

First of all, every day, you look for an opportunity to help somebody. Whether it's just asking them how they're doing, or helping them get platters ready for their parties that they didn't plan for enough in advance.

I think your life has to involve helping at least one person throughout the day.

You have to look for humor. That's the best reason to get out of bed. And right outside my door, it starts with my chicken.

I really like football. You can't be in my family and not love the Broncos. But it goes on a game-by-game basis, based on, like, how hot the quarterback is.

I bet $1 on the Super bowl every year.

Just driving out on the country road with my dogs can be an adventure. You never know if you'll come across a badger or if they'll get totally humiliated by a jackrabbit.

If anything would ever go really terribly wrong in your life, you'd see how many friends you have here.

You're friendly with people, but then when they find out you've had something really life-altering happen, you'd be surprised how many acquaintances act in the capacity of a friend.

Everything I've learned about friendship has been in Craig. Real, lasting, intense. People I'd trust my life with."

Interview by Nicole InglisInterview by Nicole InglisInterview by Nicole Inglis