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Hayden speeds, through summer

Elwood Shelton

The Hayden Speedway already has three races under its belt, nearly half the eight races that are planned for the season.

Along the way, race organizers such as Scott McKinney, public relations director for the Yampa Valley Auto Racing Association (YVARA), have noticed something.

“People have a real interest in racing around here. Usually, they’re related to, or know someone who’s racing,” he said. “But we’re also getting a good draw of those who are just starting to get interested in the sport.”

In fact, Sunday night’s draw exceeded 325 spectators, this while competing against the Little Britch Rodeo at the Moffat County Fairgrounds.

The increase in attendance has come from many sources, but namely the organizers whose interest in keeping racing alive-and-well in the Yampa Valley.

“We’ve got a lot of people interested in making Hayden speedway a good little track,” McKinney said. “We’ve mainly started to bring the people and money in by expanding our sponsorship.”

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Each race is run at the Hayden speedway and is sponsored by a local business, which donates the race’s purse. In return, the sponsors receive free space for a banner on the raceway, a full-page advertisement in the program, a season pass to the speedway and their name on the trophy.

The track, in return receives money. Money, which organizers hope to put into the track itself.

“There’s a number of things we want to do with the money, like adding safety features such as better lighting, and spectator features such as new bleachers,” he said. “We’re also looking for sponsors, mainly construction and electricians, to come in, and do some of the work.”

The idea behind increasing the track raceablity and spectator comfort, is to draw in more racers, and to increase the purses.

“The more racers that come out the bigger money pay-out we’ll be able to give,” said Marilyn McKinney, YVARA Treasurer. “We’ve just got to make some more improvement to get it going.”

Five different classes are run at the Hayden speedway: Mini Stock, Street Stock, Super Stock, Truck, and IMCA Modified.

Next year, Mini Stock may be replaced by modified stock, since it is more lenient on engine modifications.

Races take place ever other weekend, with the next race scheduled for July 14. The season will run until September 8.

Though this year has been donned the rebuilding year for the track, McKinney feels that there are many good races left to be run in the season.

“We’re working to make the track successful, and to do so, we’re trying to make it comfortable and fun,” he said. “The more successful the track is, the more successful it will be for those who organized it.”

June 30
Mini Stock
Place Name Prize
1 Scott McKinney $75
2 Ed Hatch $50
3 Drew Muzik $25
Street Stock
Place Name Prize
1 Luke Pelloni $100
2 Phil Goodwin $75
3 Zach Allen $50
Super Street
Place Name Prize
1 Jason Musser $125
2 Donnie Merrill $100
3 Brian Powers $75
Place Name Prize
1 Randy Larson $100
2 Justin Gallegos $75
3 Dan Stahl $50
IMCA Modified
Place Name Prize
1 Doug Tiffany $200
2 Jeremy Lueck $150
3 H.D. Craig $100

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