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Hayden, Routt County consider hiring parking officer for airport

Gary Salazar

Hayden’s code enforcement officer will get a hefty pay raise from Routt County to enforce parking at Yampa Valley Regional Airport for the upcoming ski season.

This winter Ed Corriveau will be paid $21.60 per hour to monitor the parking lots at the airport.

Corriveau will work five-hour shifts five days a week at the airport.

Last winter, Corriveau was paid $12 an hour for working four-hour shifts for four days a week.

Because of the success Corriveau had in keeping traffic flowing through the airport’s road to the terminal, the county is willing to increase his pay, said Jim Parker, airport aviation director.

The reason the county has agreed to increase Corriveau’s wage is to bring it in line with what other security personnel are paid at the airport, Parker said.

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This past January, the town and Routt County entered a mutual agreement where the town would lend the airport Corriveau on a part-time basis in an attempt to solve the parking woes that were plaguing the facility.

In the early part of the ski season last year, especially during Christmas, motorists at the airport parked in restricted parking zones in front of the terminal.

The illegally parked vehicles caused traffic jams and blocked taxi services from getting their vehicles in and out of the airport.

Corriveau, who is a certified peace officer, was used to direct traffic, arrange the towing of illegally parked vehicles and for general enforcement of Colorado law at the airport.

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