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Hampton: Be informed for election

To the editor:

Wow. Did you attend the Grand Olde West Days parade Saturday? It's for sure that campaign season is in full swing.

The candidates and their supporters are getting their names out.

One entry that we found interesting was the Bears Ears Patriots float.

What we are particularly appreciative of is this represents folks getting off of the couch, getting informed and involved. Now, that's not to imply that these folks have not been involved in the past, but this is the first time that we've personally seen this level of representation in our community, and that's a good sign. Isn't this something that we should all consider?

We are not specifically suggesting that one should sign up with the BEP. We are Americans and we still have the freedom to choose whom we associate with, but you see, getting involved means getting informed.

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Back in 2008, too many folks nationally were not involved or informed. That's why we are in the situation we are today. That is why we must be informed and/or involved, and this year's election cycle provides an opportunity to regain some much-needed lost ground.

Have you noticed a new "Vote 'Em All Out" bumper sticker? One can certainly appreciate and understand the sentiment, and to some extent we wholeheartedly agree.

But, let's ask the question, does that mean all of them? What if a current candidate has served us well in the past? Shouldn't we consider voting for him today? There are local, state and national candidates who have honorably served in other forms of government service.

Wouldn't we want to give them another opportunity? If we are involved and informed, then and only then can we make the right decision.

What should we know about the candidate? Does his or her past experience really apply to the position they are seeking? Rational, like I am running for … because I am a successful businessman or because government should be more transparent. Oh, yeah, successful at what? What's your view of transparency? Force them to be specific. And when you go to vote, if you don't know anything about a candidate, don't vote for them. If you don't know, leave it blank. Your vote for the others still counts.

Please get informed. Do it any way you can. Talk about your concerns, get on the Internet, listen to the radio, try to locate an unbiased news source. There are a few out there, and yes, you may have to buy a subscription.

We Americans seriously shot ourselves in the foot in 2008. Let's not do it again. Once you identify a candidate that you can support, send him or her $10 or $20, whatever you can afford. You won't be depriving your kids or grandkids — you'll probably be helping them.

Freedom from a big, intrusive government isn't free. That's our opinion, and yes, we were in the parade supporting our candidates.

Les and Bonnie Hampton

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