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Hal Glanville: ‘Blue,’ a banner and an irate grocery getter

Hal Glanville

H. Neal Glanville

This has been the six days that were. Or, maybe it's been more like the weekend I spent in Grantsville, Utah.

Take last Saturday, for instance.

I was unlocking the truck at City Market when a female voice, which sounded like it was coming from about three feet away, started talking to the back of my head about my stand on tree huggers.

As I turned around, it became apparent she was two car lengths away and getting louder as she neared the weak side's safety zone.

Removing some of the language she used about the banner on the windshield of "Old Blue" will make this story much shorter and my cheeks won't turn red again.

As life will have it, I and "the rest of the idiots with no sense," as she stated, "have no clue how hard it is for the government to take care of everything."

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It did me no good to repeatedly tell her that was the main point of the tree hugger's banner on the truck, and what an honest Republic really is.

Well, as things started getting warmer, the normal side dragged the weak side (kicking and screaming, I might add) into the truck, and we fired her up.

The truck, that is.

As I swung the truck around, I watched her walk toward a group of vehicles shaking her head and waving one arm.

Madam, my idiotic friends and I would like to give you a free T-shirt. Granted, it says the same thing as the banner, but someone as loud as you should be proud to wear it in your reasonably new Hummer.

Now for something completely different

On Thursday morning, I stopped by to shake hands with Craig City Council member Byron Willems.

It's hard, and at times very prideful, to admit a possible error aloud. Councilman Willems has done just that during this week's council meeting. Although we will never agree fully on anything political, I admire his willingness to stand corrected.

And finally

Remember those kids in school who were always better than you, or the bully who used you for his afternoon punching bag? I certainly do.

It's strange how as we grow older they want to become friendlier.

Hey, you be careful out there and stay to the light.

Craig Daily Press columnist H. Neal Glanville can be reached at hnealglanville@gmail.com.

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