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H. Neal Glanville: The energy save and $pend

H. Neal Glanville

H. Neal Glanville

Most of us have one or two things — in my case it's in the hundreds — that just make us giggle for no apparent reason.

It could be puppies or kittens playing, a cute baby babbling on about nothing in particular, or just plain babbling.

On Thursday morning, when I saw the fresh snow, I started a giggle that turned into a belly-hurting laugh fest.

On Wednesday, I watched employees of our biggest box store scurrying about, putting plant stands together for the spring rush.

I'm all set for a little open water to fish, but the little springtime we get is a long ways off.

I would suppose that this early rush to spring was computer generated, and since Mr. Computer stays inside, he's clueless about the weather anywhere.

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Another giggle, although it's a shake my head giggle, comes from the 80 or so new refrigerators going into Sunset Meadows next week.

These refrigerators should be top of the line energy savers, so combined with the new lighting and insulation there, utility bills should drop a bit.

The giggle comes in because the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development wants the old fridges thrown away. Not given away to the needy or sold to recap some of the cost, just tossed.

So, as the weak side sees it, as the new ones are coming in, someone is being paid to haul the old ones away. Then, someone's going to be paid for the refrigerant recovery (about $50 per unit) and hauling them to the scrap yard.

Then, the scrap yard hauls them to wherever dead refrigerators go and they make a little money. So, as the weak side counts it, four people are making money on something that still has a use.

Maybe we could put the fridges in a circle at the Moffat County Public Safety Center parking lot, throw a tarp over it and have someone pay rent on that.

These preservers of our food deserve a better ending than being drained of their life's blood and being recycled into who knows what.

Now for something completely different

I'm fairly certain it was my Uncle Blaine that said "anytime public officials meet in a private meeting or offer an excuse why they can't attend a public one, there's a Magpie in the woodpile."

Grandpa would follow that sentiment with "anyone that says they want what's best for the taxpayer doesn't know what the tax payer wants.

And finally

Over these past years, this column has brought me more joy than I can ever repay. Now that it's all over the internet, I've had someone I've never met build me a BlogSpot and offer to publish my first book.

This column and the fun we have will always come first. If you'd like to go to visit my spot, its http://www.hnealglanville.blogspot.com/

Hey, you be careful out there, and stay to the light.

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