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H. Neal Glanville: Stuff that makes a friendship

H. Neal Glanville

For 40 years, people have asked me why Roy Southard and I were friends.

I could tell you stories that would make you cry and laugh until your pants are wet. But they'd only be stories of the fun we had.

Sure, laughing and crying are good medicine when you lose someone.

But there was something more to Roy that's stuck in all of us who knew him well.

He could make you think when you didn't want to.

Sure, there were people who took advantage of his grace and overflowing heart, and I'm afraid they're still wandering about in their own zone, thoughtless of anything but themselves.

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His love and friendship started me on the way to the land of "grownups." We both knew I'd never make it, but he was happy I'd taken that first baby step.

Roy and his loving wife of 30-odd years welcomed more people into their home than any of us can remember. The only string attached — stay out of the kitchen but help around the house.

The only people who ever bothered to knock and wait for the door to be answered were either strangers or someone with something to sell; the rest of us just knocked and went in.

Those of us related to them usually didn't even bother to knock because it's like a second home to us.

My granddaughter, Sarah, made the remark that you could go in and not know anyone in the room, and in five minutes, you were part of the family.

Whenever you blubbered forth with a problem, Roy would shake his head for a minute, look at you square away and ask you the question that made you think about what was going on in your life that was so terrible.

If you were thinking, the two of you would talk out the problem and end the blubbering.

We often blubbered to each other about things that only the two of us would ever understand. The remark would be made that we argued like two old women, but it was a form of communication unique to him and I.

When we both quit laughing about how stupid our worries really were compared to others, he'd see what could be done to help someone who really needed it.

I have no idea why we were friends for so long.

I, like Roy, accepted it for what it was and enjoyed every minute of the ride.

Now for something completely different

With all the people jumping about for your vote in the upcoming election, now is the time to leave the comfort of your home, meet these candidates and ask them what they can do for Craig and Moffat County.

Now is the time to state your opinions, fears and ideas to someone who actually might be able to do something about them. Ask them the questions that are important to you; if you're too lazy to be involved, you lose any right to complain after the election.

I realize the election process may seem hopeless, but if we elect new people, perhaps we'll be overwhelmed with new ideas that will better serve our part of Colorado.

As to the return of that long vacationer, spring, I have whiffed ode-de-skunk, and heard some lost geese overhead, but I did see a new sign that spring might make it before to long.

Mid-week, I watched a father and son fishing through the ice at the Moffat County Public Safety Center. Granted, this may not be an official sign of spring's arrival but it should give some of you hope.

I stand by my snow in May prediction.

Be careful out there.

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