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H. Neal Glanville: A nonsensical statement

H. Neal Glanville

The editorial in the Saturday Morning Press was well-written, making several important points along the way.

I contend that "appearing childish" is the understatement of the year, if not the last five years.

I keep picturing two small bands of fifth graders pouting over who gets stuck with the kid who can't play ball or who bats first.

There are always two boobs standing off to one side. Arms crossed over their puffed out chests, deciding how it's going to be and why it's going to be that way.

The only thing missing from this black-and-white B-movie is a darkened backroom filled with cigar smoke.

Of course, that comes later, when the majority of these two teams take several long vacations to the Planet Stupid, where they learn the quaint little phrase, "the greater public good."

When that doesn't seem to fit the situation at hand, they can always fall back on "a broader spectrum of unforeseen problems."

As to the greater public good, use the public funds in a common sense fashion, split it down the middle and call it done.

In my opinion, the broader spectrum of problems will appear the nanosecond someone else starts blubbering again about building a new jail facility.

That will be just about the time voters will have had enough of this childish power struggle.

Now for something completely different

My personal congratulations to the Craig Daily Press staff who won awards from the Colorado Press Association awards banquet this weekend.

Job well done, and keep up the excellent work.

And finally

I know the local big box stores are bringing out the spring and garden stuff.

Don't be fooled by all the pretty little plants all abloom with color and acting like puppies in a store window saying "pick me, pick me."

Here's the yearly tip from the old man: when City Market sets up its' dome of beauty in the parking lot, it's time to plant.

That should happen sometime in the early days of May.

Until that time, start rehearsing believable excuses why you can't manage your wife's spring cleaning issues.

Hey, you be careful out there, and stay to the light.