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H. Neal Glanville: A hint before retirement

H. Neal Glanville

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With the back and forth over the crushing national debt, it's come to light that our government savings program will be broke in 2036.

We could argue most of one day and the better part of the next one if Social Security is social or secure.

The progressive Democrats of the 1930s gave us the social aspects of the idea.

But, word to the wise: Don't plan any big shindigs or a trip further than a tank of gas will carry you.

I completely understand the idea of supplementing my income with a monthly check based on past incomes.

However, with the increasing unemployment numbers, finding a part-time job as a supplement for the supplement is as probable as the Planet Stupid returning to its normal orbit.

I refuse to believe any administration's idea of borrowing money from the Social Security fund is for the good of the people. What will be good for the people is the day we decide the bureaucratic hairball we've allowed into our living rooms is pulled apart a handful at a time.

Now for something completely differentNow for something completely different

Now for something completely different

I spent more than an hour last week with Joe Petrone, superintendent of the Moffat County School District. This, ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls and Mrs. Brown's cat, is not a job for the weak of heart.

How this gentleman balances the wants and needs of an ever-growing school district, combined with the unbalanced demands of entitled parents, is beyond me.

We pay this man to guide our children toward the best education possible, which is impossible without parental involvement.

If you wish to treat the schools as your day care center, you're paying too much. If you can only complain about the results at year's end, then you haven't been paying attention to your child's requests for help.

Complaining there are so few hours in a day is not a measured excuse. It's your children for heaven's sake. Take part in their future or reap the inevitable consequences.

And finallyAnd finally

And finally

There will be no fly-fishing lessons Saturday.

I'm going to spend my anniversary fishing with my wife, Jane. It's a tradition that will never be broken.

Hey, you be careful out there and stay to the light.