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H. Neal Glanville: A Craig Christmas story

H. Neal Glanville

It was a week, maybe two before Christmas, and all through town, kids were whispering little wishes to Santa and surfing the Web sites that could be found.

All appeared cheery for the holiday season, but off to one side were the parents and guardians worrying about money that was getting harder and harder to find.

Sure, they'd saved all year as responsible people will do; the economy being so bad they even stuffed a little extra in a coffee can hidden by momma's rose bush in the backyard.

As the day grew nearer, and money even shorter, choices were being made; which household bill to pay and which gift can wait 'til next year.

As the family bookkeeper started poring over the bills and what might be done, it became readily apparent they still were owed money from work completed during the past summer.

With embarrassment and laughter because things seemed to be going their way, they contacted their debtors with hopes they'd pay their bill, and the worry of a long hard winter and a short Christmas would just go away.

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One debtor apologized for not calling, "for he, too, had not been paid, and if the family would accept late payments, he'd clear the bill as quickly as he could."

The other debtor, thinking the family had forgotten, just made loud excuses, hoping his debt would just go away.

This may seem a parody of sorts, but even in our small town, where a man's word should be his bond, numerous people are going unpaid for work they've performed while trusting that a man's word was all that it used to stand for.

Now for something completely different

Again this holiday season, I'm requesting the same old thing I request each year, one 1934 Bugatti.

Last Christmas, I received a much loved and worn Bugatti bill cap. If we all try just a little harder, my beloved dream will come true.

I also would like to take a very personal moment and wish all my readers a very pleasant holiday season. I'm still surprised so many of you enjoy my writing. I'm forever in your debt.

Hey, you be careful out there.

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