Gunslingers pull out western garb for old-fashioned shoot |

Gunslingers pull out western garb for old-fashioned shoot

Jeff Swanson

Looking more like a set for a cowboy movie rather than a Northwest Colorado shooting range, Cedar Mountain played host to old-west style gunslingers this weekend. With hamburgers cooking and onions grilling, cowboys and cowgirls convened in Craig on Saturday and Sunday for a good, old-fashioned shootout.

The 11th annual Grand Olde West Days Cowboy shoot was held at Cedar Mountain range, with “Wild Bob Hiccup” addressing and thanking the western-clad clan for their support.

“I want to thank everyone for coming out here today, this is the largest turnout that we have ever had,” said Hiccup, a.k.a. Bob Stark. “Now let’s go out and have a safe weekend.”

As the “yee’s” and “haws” subsided, shooters assumed their position on the shooting range. Saturday was comprised of the long-shoot competition, where shooters use rifles and black powder, and Sunday was designated for the pistol shoot competition.

Participants, who assume names of legendary, old west gunslingers, traveled from as far away as California to shoot in this weekend’s event.

“The thing that makes this event so great is that we use all of the safety rules that are necessary,” said famed cowboy hat entrepreneur, J.B. Stetson of Salt Lake City. “This is the safest shooting event in existence due to the stringent rules that we imply. This is also one of the best events that I have attended, the people are good and the organization is superb.

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The group complies by the Single-Action Shooting Society rules, which stress safety in the events that they promote.

“Cookie” Dave Burns tended to the grilling of the onions and hamburgers, and kept watch over the baked beans as shooters took to the range.

Stetsons, vests, suspenders, and handlebar mustaches were all part of a day that focuses more on the participation aspect, rather than the shooting itself.

“We really want people to just come out here and have a good, safe, and enjoyable time,” Stark said. “These shoots are a very good way for people to of all ages to come together and have a great time. We try our best to make this a family-oriented shoot, and as you can see, we have husbands, wives and children here.”

The children, dressed in their western-garb, bore more of a resemblance to “Little House on the Prairie” cast members than the typical Sega-playing children many envision today.

“I intend to keep coming back as long as they have this event,” Stetson said. “They do a great job of putting on a class, quality event, and should be very proud of the work that they do.”

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