Greg Smith: God given rights |

Greg Smith: God given rights

To the editor:

In light of all the hysteria regarding the recent mass shooting at Sandy Hook, I ask all of my fellow citizens to please understand that the phenomena of these types of events is very rare.

While certainly a tragedy, these occurrences simply do not warrant the heavy-handed response that many of our liberal leaders want to impose on the rest of the law abiding population. The laws our elected officials are now considering will have no effect on any criminal who — by definition — does not obey the law, and will unnecessarily encumber the rest of us who do respect the rule of law.

I’m asking my fellow citizens to do a couple of things: write our representatives in government and tell them you will not be blamed for the actions of madmen, and will not stand for any more infringements of our Second Amendment rights.

The other thing We the People need to understand that the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the United States of America does not GIVE you any rights, it simply affirms that these rights are God given, and not subject to man’s interpretation.

I also expect to see our local leaders — the county commissioners, mayor, and the city council — draft a resolution to be presented to Governor Hickenlooper stating that they do not and will not support any further infringements on our Rights.

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Greg Smith

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