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Craig Rotarians make international connections

Lois Wymore

Some Craig Rotary Club members are ready to travel south next spring to help a small town in Nicaragua.

The group is in the early stages of planning the fact-finding trip to Chinendega, Nicaragua to find a project that would be beneficial to residents there.

According to member Marilyn Bouldin the group became interested when Bill and Nancy Muldoon returned from a Rotary trip to Nicaragua with stories of the junkyard orphans.

“The Muldoons returned with stories about very young children that fend for themselves in city dumps, the abject poverty of the region and the lack of just basic sanitation. Nancy was fired up and that piqued the interest several of us in Rotary,” Bouldin said.

Bouldin said the project is in the early stages and core planning group meets every two weeks. The purpose of this initial trip is to find a project that will be sustainable and beneficial to the people.

“This trip will be a discovery expedition to gather information about what we as a group can do to affect some positive change in the lives of these people,” Bouldin said.

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Bouldin said there are two other medical professionals, Dr. Greg Miller and nursing student John Jacobs, committed to the trip.

Jacobs said this is exactly the kind of project he wants to participate in.

“I want to use my skills to help better Third World countries, especially in areas of health,” John Jacobs said.

Bill Muldoon, the regional governor for Rotarians in Northwest Colorado, said members have been focused on projects that show people how to take care of themselves rather than doing it for them. He also said basic health needs is something they help with all over the world.

“In many Third World countries, basic sanitation and potable water are things that Rotary has focused on for years,” Muldoon said.

He said the group planning to go to Nicaragua has a lot of work to do, but he’s confident they will achieve their goal.

“This is a big project and will take a lot of work. Knowing most of the people involved, I am quite confident they will make it happen,” he said.

Muldoon and his wife Nancy returned recently from the International Rotarian Convention in Osaka, Japan. He said the trip was wonderful and the people were charming,

Muldoon said this district is taking part in a youth exchange with India this year and that group of 35 will be at Loudy-Simpson Park for a late picnic supper on June 25.

“This is a great opportunity for local people to meet youth from India,” he said.

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