Glanville: Working on microwave mastery |

Glanville: Working on microwave mastery

H. Neal Glanville

I've been wondering lately what my generation, the in-betweeners, is leaving behind for the next bunch of yahoos working their way up.

When Roy and I would argue this, he'd use the normal side for his argument of optimism and faith in mankind as a whole.

He'd pounce on all the wondrous gadgetry that is a direct result of a space program that's probably going to be cutback so far we couldn't launch a vinegar and baking soda-powered rocket across Victory Way.

I loved his stories of the world shutting down for the moon landing. I'd raise my hand and remind him of my Uncle Blaine betting the pilot of a crop duster he could beat him to the end of a field on horseback.

So sure was Blaine of victory he let a bystander hold his share of the wager, as did the pilot.

Sure, the plane won, but how do you catch two teenagers on horseback hiding in Lambs Canyon from an airplane?

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When in doubt of an optimist's victory, he'd whip out the advancements in whatever popped into his head and my inability to properly operate the nearest microwave.

I still savor my reminders of growing up with cereal shot from cannons, or trying to make words with vegetable soup, how the Lone Ranger was always right, and yes, it was OK to wear your decoder ring to church.

As for the microwave, Jane's still working on that part.

All of the advancements this coming generation enjoys seem obsolete before they hit the two-for-one airwaves.

We're fast becoming a society that deserves everything for nothing.

We sue people because our tennis shoes wear out too fast, or bet on an economy failing by buying gold. We then turn around and demand a publically owned oil company be destroyed, for the shear joy of doing it, yet say little about a government giving money away that doesn't now, nor ever will, exist.

Forget about a "chicken in every pot."

Somebody save us from ourselves before we drown in our own pile of stupid.

Now for something completely different

Our granddaughter, Sarah, has been spending time with us this past week, so of course I had to take her fishing.

What a pain.

We stopped by the Moffat County Public Safety Center and wet a fly or two. When the expected results weren't quite fast enough for you know who, I tied the secret weapon on and she caught two nice trout and a starling. That's right, two fish and a bird.

Before the "tree huggers" wiggle their way off the couch, let me say the bird was released unharmed, too small to fry up.

And finally

It's rare I totally agree with anything, but as the blue moon will have it I stand behind the Craig Daily Press' forum policy.

I'm still in my computer infancy, but the use of a website or an editorial page for anything that lacks courtesy or common sense need not be tolerated.

If you glance to the top of the paper you'll see the word OPINION atop the page that carries my column. I get the giggles thinking about it, and if you take the time to write about something, so should you.

Hey, you be careful out there.

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