Glanville: The trouble with middle of the road |

Glanville: The trouble with middle of the road

H. Neal Glanville

What a week.

First, I hear and then read about a task force investigating the condition of our swimming pool at Moffat County High School, and then I'm assaulted by the lack of decision making from some members of the Moffat County Tourism Association.

Apparently the school is built atop a natural spring that's causing serious rust problems with the pool's aluminum frame, and the 15-year-old plastic liner installed to protect the frame has exceeded its life by five years and is now brittle and becoming susceptible to tearing.

Also noted by the task force was the void under the southeast corner of the pool, making it un-level, and the possible $200,000 to $1 million repair bill.

If the pool can be repaired, not quick-fixed, at the low end of the estimate, we, Moffat County residents, are faced with a $122,853 bill.

School district finance director Mark Rydberg feels the "pool is fixable, it's just the resources needed are scarce." That may or may not mean we're looking at the high end of the estimate, which minus the $77,147 operating budget, leaves us short $992,285.

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Why in the name of wasted water would the school district allot less than 10 percent of a bill that could reach $1 million?

Surely they've known about this problem for some time and possibly discussed it in budget meetings. If that's the case, why "table it" and set forth with hand out looking for one?

School district employees who have kept our pool open should be congratulated for a job that, at first glance, seems impossible, but they've managed to do it.

On the other hand, I am embarrassed that an existing problem, which apparently needs immediate attention, is pushed to one side so a decision about the pool can be weighed one way or another.

This brings us to the Moffat County Tourism Association and the lack of some members making a decision regarding the proposed 6.9-percent lodging tax.

If part, or maybe all, of your job description is promoting tourism in Moffat County and this tax, which will also effect our visitors, will help pay for the county's promotional bills, why not be for it?

Worrying over what someone might think or say about which side you chose is redundant (my big word for the week). What's needed is for you, the undecided members, is to stand up and pick a side.

If you're one of those rare people who bases your stay in another town on the town's tax base and you're worried our hunters and visitors will drive to the next town over seven cents, then be against it. If not, stand behind the Craig City Council's proposed tax measure and help get it passed.

I know my political correctness, like some of my people skills, are non-existent, but my common sense is screaming for all the involved people to quit skipping down the middle of the road and do something.

And finally

Much to my surprise, my columns are now in the Monday and Friday editions of the Craig Daily Press. To all who have made this column what it's become, I thank you.

When Jane quits laughing, I'm sure she'll thank you, too.

Hey, you be careful out there.

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