Glanville: Scratching my head, thinking of reasons |

Glanville: Scratching my head, thinking of reasons

H. Neal Glanville

Are there reasons, reasons the normal side of my brain can understand, that President Barack Obama's administration insists on printing more and more money, reminding us as we push our share of the nation's debt around in wheelbarrows and his approval rating plummets, that sticking by his "new deal" is the way to go?

Taking into begrudged consideration he stepped into office with the popular vote, it remains to be seen which hat he might pull the rabbit out of to save himself.

I'm not taking anything away from the rabbit — he didn't have anything to do with the building of the $2 million firehouse in a Nevada county that is so broke it can't afford firefighters to man the new station.

Nor is he upset that his cousin, Tommy Turtle, got the tunnel he needed to safely get across a busy Florida highway.

Before the tree-huggers roll off the couch, let me say I like turtles.

I once followed one just to see how he spent the day. It wasn't as boring as you might imagine.

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I, like the rabbit, am a smoker and find it commendable that the unsung heroes, with their fingers in the nation's pie, thought it necessary to begin a non-smoking campaign in Washington, D.C., although it is worrisome that part of the program was buying each quitter a BlackBerry phone so they could share the pangs of nicotine withdrawal and whatever else they found necessary.

Excuse me while I stuff the rabbit back into my empty hat: he won't shut up about the flavor of ice cream the presidential family was enjoying last weekend on the East Coast.

I'd bet hard money if the president, with family in tow, rolled his sleeves up, boarded one of the many vessels in the Gulf doing the cleanup, and shouted to the world, "Enough is enough, it's time to clean this mess up and get America back to work," he'd have all the ice cream and popularity a president could hope for.

But, that won't work. The need to dodge responsibility for mistakes seems to be outweighing any hope for a hands-on approach.

We, OK me, are tired of the constant teenage bickering over the concerns of half-empty or half-full, take a step backward and decide, is it a cup or a glass? Just fill the dang thing up.

Now for something completely different

Although I've been unable to fish the river lately, my spies have reported excellent fishing in the very early m-orning and the hour or so after dark.

Several 4- to 5-pound trout have been taken on flies and small spinners. The bass are very aggressive and are attacking anything thrown in the water. I can't believe I just spoke of bass, the ugliest fish on this planet and most of Pluto.

Please don't tell Roy.

And finally …

My Uncle Blaine, the borrower of whiskey and unused horses, was so wise he only saw one end of a stick and that my friend was the end hitting you.

Hey, you be careful out there.

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