Glanville: Moral for the season |

Glanville: Moral for the season

H. Neal Glanville

H. Neal Glanville

As we inch ever closer to the holiest of days, days should be filled with reflection on the past year and what we as individuals can do to make life go a bit easier for those around us.

We should demand of ourselves the repayment of each small act of kindness we once received yet choose out of personal greed not to repay, greed that is so overcoming we didn't even need an excuse when we had the perfect opportunity for payment.

We've allowed ourselves to become the illegitimate children of a society that by slight of hand has convinced us that we deserve more than what we've honestly earned and to readily accept any and all handouts.

We look upon the very rich with disdain and demand they be taxed more for no other reason than they have more than we do. If this idiotic idea were to come to pass, taxing by worth instead of earnings, most of us would lose our self-propelled lawn mowers, leaf blowers and the car that talks to us while we drive. On average, we have over 400,000 new people on unemployment each month and countless others just giving up on finding work.

How we've reached this humiliating moment in time is immaterial and should be left to the dark pages of history.

However, those of us who have multiple jobs to squeak by on each month and especially those that have given up and are living off the government dole should keep kicking the rear-ends of our "leadership" each time they give us something we don't deserve and give them a carrot each time they allow our free market republic to run free.

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Both the normal and weak sides of my brain agree that we must forget the worries of the other nations that have forgotten us and get both of America's feet on solid American soil working to regain our independent national power.

Now for something completely different.

Several of my sources within the tree huggers' organization have informed me, by secret decoder ring, that our local big box stores have received every conceivable plastic Christmas tree known to mankind, one that will wash itself before getting back in the box and yet another that will take those darling early-morning photos we tend to hide in shoeboxes. They, my sources, suggest shopping for these plastic beauties between 9 and 10 p.m. when most rednecks are home with their families doing whatever it is we do.

And finally

I've heard a lot of talk lately about year-end cash bonuses, and why this company or that corporation should be passing a percentage of their profits on to their employees. If by some miracle of grace your employer finds you worthy of such a gift, remember you didn't have it when the day started and you should treat it as a gift that can be shared with those less fortunate. Think of it as "paying ahead" instead of bragging on and on about how you're going to waste it.

Hey, you be careful out there.

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