Glanville: Horse-pucky bailouts |

Glanville: Horse-pucky bailouts

H. Neal Glanville

As I watch our economic souls gasp for air as they swirl around the bowl headed for Greece, I'm dumbfounded at the, "if we don't do it" reasons we hear.

Back in the olden days, as now, I never expected anyone to give me money for any reason other than hard work.

The thought of asking my friends or family for financial aid because I made poor choices with my limited income is a giggle. Just thinking about it, admittedly, over the years Brother Roy did send me gas money to get home, and Uncle Blaine did offer to bail me out of jail if my cousin Mike and I were caught bringing Coors beer into Utah.

When my kids were growing up and parents were told to be their friend, I was. I never gave them money for no reason.

Unless, of course, they jumped in and helped me with a job I didn't want to do.

The twins became famous for helping me survive some of the drudgery their mom invented.

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At least twice a year, the three girls would ban together and concoct a story as to why they needed extra money and the dire consequences if we didn't give it to them.

As time passed and the stories got better, I would grade them on originality, presentation and heart tug.

The twins learned very quickly that if they sent their baby sister, Melissa, in deploying her cow-eyed look, dad was toast. I'm sure I relinquished money for "the look," but I refuse to admit it.

Maybe that's why we're giving money to Greece and printing more for other countries that can't manage to survive on their own.

The worst part of this whole pile of bailout horse-pucky is, why are we giving money to a country that can't possibly pay it back? Oh, I forgot the look.

Sticking with the subject of grading, does anyone understand the bill before Gov. Bill Ritter regarding "educator effectiveness?"

First, the teachers union is against it and then, after hundreds of amendments are added, they're OK with it.

I'm not really sure how surrounding ineffective teachers will make them better at their because that's what it is — their job.

You can do it or you can't; there is no halfway in education. Perhaps a bill reminding parents of their responsibility is in order, as well. After all, we don't spend all that money for day-care, or do we?

Now for something completely different

The fish at Loudy-Simpson Park are biting anything that moves and is dark in color. No monsters yet, but the ones being caught are frying up perfectly.

The pond south of town in Axial Basin should be hotter than hot after this coming Saturday's "Blast 'n Cast" event and some of the lakes should be opening soon.

More fish tales about that later.

If it seems I pick on the hospital or school district because they're easy targets, perhaps you're right. But, then again, they're the ones cutting their finger off before they pull the trigger to shoot themselves in the foot.

Hey, you be careful out there.

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