Glanville: Ants of parade |

Glanville: Ants of parade

H. Neal Glanville

Imagine two ants walking along a well-groomed path.

One of them stops every so often to grab a snack, look for something to do and admire the view, while the other marches head-long down the path, slowing only too remind the other, "we must keep going; our leaders insist everything will be fine, we must keep going."

As they march along, other ants join in the parade, some questioning their purpose aloud as they too snack along the way, and the others, aware of the leaders' words, follow blindly, hoping for who knows what.

This past week, I've felt much like the ants. I'll leave it to you which group I'm snacking with.

The Washington groupies keep telling us "the economy is headed in the right direction," and if we just print enough money and make up more pretend jobs, everything will be fine.

I'm sorry, but the mere thought of a part-time job that's subsidized by money that's still sticky with ink scares me backwards.

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The weak side of my brain, the proud home of common sense, keeps telling me if something doesn't work, quit and go to plan B.

Sure, B may not work either, but we have to keep plugging away until something, or a combination of things, turns this mess around. As a whole, our country doesn't believe in or care about free or unearned anything.

A job created by free enterprise creates a paycheck that's worthy of one's labor, but once that paycheck is gone, your ability to care slowly follows, and eventually you leave the job market for the well-groomed path.

In short, if the economy is headed where they promise, show us where the jobs are. And, why is the number eight homebuilder in America, Habitat for Humanity, a charitable organization?

If the present administration keeps blasting away at its foot, they'll have to reload soon and aim at the opposite one.

As for the ants, those who kept marching blindly never realized their well-groomed path was the ant-eaters tongue.

Now for something completely different

Fishing this past week has been good for some and frustrating for others.

Those having a hard time of it seem to have forgotten the golden rules of the sport: first, go to have fun; second, know something about the species you're trying to entice by giving them something they eat on a regular basis. Cheese and garlic marshmallows are way down on their menu.

Third, and by far the most important, take a kid with you. Even if you get skunked, the shear reward of explaining the in and outs of Mother Nature will give all of you a better understanding of why things work the way they do.

I'd hoped to report our chunk of the Yampa River has been producing some good fish. Unfortunately, I can't. Until that muddy gunk from Elkhead Resivour slows down enough to clear our stretch of river, it's pretty much catch as catch can.

However, if you're willing to drive east beyond the inlet of gunk, fishing quickly turns from prayerful to good.

And finally …

It's my understanding that bicycles and their operators must follow the same rules as automobiles. If by some quirk of fate I'm correct, why do we see so many cruising about after dark with no lights or reflective anything?

Shame on the adults doing this, and double shame on the parents who allow their kids to pedal after dark unprotected.

Hey, you be careful out there.

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