George Peters: Where we are failing |

George Peters: Where we are failing

To the editor:

It seems many citizens and politicians today have no knowledge of history and its teachings. Many see only today and tend to bend the rules and laws to suit their own limited knowledge of the mistakes of man.

They pass laws to circumvent the weaknesses in man's character and tend to justify bad behavior and call it good.

Our Declaration of Indepen­dence and Constitution have stood as a safeguard, protecting us from extremes in government. Our Founding Fathers observed from history that those extremes have caused many societies to crumble.

States rights and strong local government are the people's protection.

The Declaration and Consti­tution is our pledge to God and country, our commitment to freedom. Make no apologies to anyone, as these documents are sacred, and are a banner to all that we are a Christian nation.

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Our Constitution was and is based on the natural law, which is God's Ten Commandments. Our Founding Fathers knew this and stated clearly that this form of government favoring the people could only exist if we were basically a religious people.

For this reason, they instituted basic religious teaching in the first colleges and primary schools. They specified basic belief be taught, but not a particular denomination.

From what is stated above, you can easily see where we are failing. Some say that man and times are changing and the Constitution is outdated.

To that, I say all it takes is looking back in history to see that the nature of man has not changed for more than 3,000 years. Check out Proverbs in the Bible. The description of the heart of man and his thoughts haven't changed at all.

It's as if it was written yesterday.

Compare this to all the great nations of the past and why they failed.

Before it's too late, you need to ask yourself where you stand with this Constitution and God. Then vote, as it's your freedom.

George Peters

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