Gene Counts: More gun laws won’t help |

Gene Counts: More gun laws won’t help

To the Editor:

More gun laws are not going to help anyone. It won’t save lives, in fact it may even cost lives.

One of the reasons shootings happen in theaters and schools is that the shooter feels safe, that there won’t be any guns shooting back at them. When the bad guys feel sure there are no guns in your home, they can walk in and club you to death and take everything you have.

Maybe you don’t own a gun or have one in your home, but the last thing you should want is for the bad guys to find that out.

The 2nd Amendment is the only thing protecting you in that respect. We have lost too much of our freedom already!

The schools and public places probably need more police protection, armed guards or armed personnel. More gun laws won’t help!

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By the way, isn’t it against the law to shoot someone?

Have a Nice Day!

Gene Counts

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