Gene Adamek: Warning signs |

Gene Adamek: Warning signs

To the editor:

Congresswoman Maxine Waters has not only told the Tea Party folks to "go straight to hell," she has offered to take them there herself. As the Church Lady from "Saturday Night Live" was so fond of saying, "Isn't that special?"

I wonder if Maxine has filed for all the permits to have such an adventure. According to some news reports, this administration is pumping out as many as 10 new rules and regulations each working day.

Suggested reading for Waters would be the definitive book on hell, "The Screwtape Letters" by the late C.S. Lewis. It is not for the fragile or faint of heart.

Hell is a place where "all the ups become downs and all the downs become ups. Everything that is white becomes black and all that is black becomes white."

It is reverse discrimination in reverse. Imagine that.

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According to the author, there are two distinct "marks of hell."

The first "is a ruthless, sleepless and unsmiling concentration on self." It is a state where everyone is offended, has a grievance, and lives the deadly passions of envy, greed, self-importance and resentment.

Maxine, we may be talking real-time stuff here. It is just possible that you may not have to leave town to be there.

Hell, with a little reverse coaching, the Wall Street protesters might realize, that socialism and "class struggle" is simply warmed over "class envy."

On the other hand are those who have celebrated the notion that "greed is good." They might find themselves seated at the back of the bus.

The second mark of hell, as you may have already guessed, is the complete absence of humor.

"For humor involves a sense of proportion, and a power of seeing yourself from the outside." I'm only guessing, but humor may be replaced with hooting and hissing, which are normal parts of my day anyway.

No, we are not done.

Downward we go to the place of derision and contempt. Lewis aptly describes this as the "bloated spider parody."

"With manicured nails, and crisply ironed white shirts, faceless bureaucrats labor to form this bloated bureaucracy." Ever so slowly, "this beast begins to ingest and slowly digest its own citizens until the only way a person can say 'I' is through the spider."

Finally, it is not within the purview of the Congresswoman from California to offer any of our fine citizens a trip to hell.

By any measurement, this once proud nation has already been sold into bondage through exponential debt.

Gene Adamek

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