Gay Albers: Postings have become too negative |

Gay Albers: Postings have become too negative

To the editor:

I confess: I love our town. I love, most of all, its people.

I was surprised when a friend noted a "negative" and hateful atmosphere in Craig because I don't experience that at all.

Truly, I was shocked and appalled when I peeked at the Craig Daily Press' online forum, which was filled with some of the most hateful (not to mention slanderous and libelous) postings I've ever seen, posted anonymously.

While we, as a community and families, are conscientiously teaching our children that bullying is wrong, I am baffled as to why the Daily Press is providing a "community forum" for anonymous hate.

Obviously, the online site is not being properly monitored or censored for inappropriate postings. I think we can all agree that freedom of speech does not include slander and libel, legally or morally.

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Bullies and petty promoters of hate can only spread their hate if our community gives them the power — and the platform, and the attention — to do so.

I also suspect that neglectful oversight leaves the Daily Press open to legal suit, as you are hosting the space on which these mean-spirited things are being posted.

Please, raise the bar: Clean it up, or shut it down. Anonymous and hateful exchanges do not lead to dialogue, nor do they serve our community in any way.

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