Gas prices on the rise |

Gas prices on the rise

Brandon Johnson

Oil prices hit record highs this week, and you can expect that to translate into higher prices at the pump.

In Craig, a gallon of unleaded cost $3.179 Sunday afternoon.

On May 1 and June 1, gas in Craig went for $2.999.

Statewide, gas is up from last month. The average cost for a gallon of unleaded fuel in Colorado was $2.96, up from $2.78 in early June, according to AAA Colorado.

A year ago, the average price for a gallon of unleaded was $2.29.

Craig’s gas prices continue to be above the state’s average, but are about the same as prices in comparable Western Slope markets.

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In Glenwood Springs, a gallon of unleaded went for $3.11 last week, according to AAA.

Durango’s average price was higher than Craig, with unleaded selling for $3.13, the same price it was in early May, according to AAA.

The biggest Western Slope market, Grand Junction, saw an average price of $2.98 last week.

AAA’s report can be found at

With the peak summer driving period already upon us, expect prices to continue to climb before they fall.

Horse store closing

Horses Etc. will be closing its doors, owner Leigh Papierski said.

Papierski could not give an exact date, but she said it would be soon.

The store has been open since April 1999.

“It has done really well for me,” Papierski said.

She said that the store isn’t closing because sales are poor, but rather because Papierski wants more free time. Right now she just has a lot going on.

“I have two 4-year-old twins,” she said. “I’d like to spend more quality time with them.

“I have my own horses to ride,” she said.

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Dominic Graziano contributed to this report.

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