Forty-eight racers slog through muddy pits at Wyman Museum |

Forty-eight racers slog through muddy pits at Wyman Museum

Mitchell Woll

Whether they raced for fun, in memory of lost loved ones, or simply to make use of old junk, 48 racers revved engines and flung earth at Saturday's Moffat County Mud Runs at the Wyman Museum.

Saturday's event was the second of three this summer — the next is scheduled for Aug. 14, also at the museum — and money received from concession sales benefited the museum's Winter Festival, scheduled for February 2011.

The entry fee was $40 for each vehicle per division.

Prize money was split and rewarded to first-, second- and third-place division winners — first place took home $150, second place $100, and third place $50.

Craig resident T.J. Kover made use out of wreckage by entering his revamped truck, the only diesel of the competition, into the four- and six-cylinder division.

Kover drove his 2005 Dodge as his everyday vehicle, but after he flipped it and the roof was torn off, he decided to transform it into a mud racer.

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The 27-year-old raced the topless truck in the first mud run June 11, but didn't fare well despite his diesel engine.

"I didn't do too well," he said. "I didn't place at all, but had a hell of a good time."

Kover plans to restore the truck in an old, classic style after the summer's final run.

Craig resident Donna Aldridge races in memory of her late mother, Elfrieda Gaukley, and son, Tracy Lee Chinery, who she honors with decals on her blue Ford Bronco. One of the decals reads, "Here's to You Kitty," after Aldridge's mother's nickname.

"We're in full force," Aldridge said. "Our family does not back down no matter how much pain we're in. "

She said she also races as a defiant woman.

"That's why I come out and race with the big boys," Aldridge said. "I got tired of everybody putting me down, saying, 'It's a man's world, a woman can't do nothing.' I said, 'Watch me.'"

Her Bronco's four-wheel drive was disabled during her first run through the pits Saturday, but Aldridge charged into her second run nonetheless.

Travis and Kassy Foote traveled two hours from Vernal, Utah, to race for one purpose.

"Adrenaline," Travis Foote said. "As you can tell, I'm still shaking."

The Footes travel between their hometown and Craig to race, a small distance compared to that of Jerry White from Laramie, Wyo., who said he has traveled as far as Sheridan, Mont., so he could play in the mud.

Roger and Heather Scott visited Craig from Spring Glenn, Utah, to compete Saturday.

"We came out here to get dirty," Roger Scott said while working on his Chevy, which struggled to start after muddy water soaked into the carburetor. "Everybody is getting wet."

Event coordinator Tim Meyer said he was pleased with the show.

"It was a great show for racers and fans," he said. "We keep getting more racers every time we do it, so I hope that continues."


Results from the Moffat County Mud Runs on Saturday at Wyman Museum:

Open division:

  1. Roger Scott

  2. Clint Lloyd

  3. Victor Vigil

Modified division:

  1. Tim Meyer

  2. Lucky Wall

  3. Victor Vigil

Pro Stock division:

  1. Doug Sheperd

  2. Jerry White

  3. Cody Wyasket

Super Stock division:

  1. Willie Mast

  2. Robert Sizemore

  3. Jesse Romero

Stock division:

  1. Grant Dalton

  2. Travis Foote

  3. Christopher Davis

Four- and six-cylinder division:

  1. Casey McFarland

  2. Bryan Newkirk

  3. Frank Ceferatti

Snow Machine division:

  1. Rich Abate

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