Former jail employee appears in court |
Brandon Johnson

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Former jail employee appears in court

A former Moffat County Jail employee accused of bilking the jail of $10,000 made her second court appearance Wednesday.

Sandy Herndon, 50, of Craig, is charged with two counts of theft of between $500 and $15,000, both felonies.

Herndon and her lawyer, Kristopher Hammond, appeared in Moffat County Court on Wednesday morning for a status conference.

Herndon last appeared in court in June to be advised of the charges against her.

Moffat County Judge Mary Lynne James told Herndon that the hearing was a way to get Herndon’s case formally started.

James told Herndon that because she wasn’t arrested on the charges or booked into jail, she would have to go to the jail and have her mug shot and fingerprints taken.

James scheduled Herndon for arraignment in 14th Judicial District Court on Aug. 15.

If convicted of felony theft, Herndon faces between two and six years in prison. In addition to prison time, Herndon also may face $500,000 in fines.

Prosecutors have said say they plan to seek restitution in the case.

An audit of Moffat County government departments in the spring turned up $10,000 missing from the jail’s inmate commissary account.

The commissary is a store where inmates spend their money on products such as toiletries and candy.

As food service manager, Herndon was responsible for managing the commissary account and making bank deposits, according to the Moff–at County Sheriff’s Office, which runs the jail.

Herndon was fired as a result of an investigation into the missing money, according to a statement from the Sheriff’s Office.

Herndon worked at the jail for five years before being fired.

No other employee at the jail was fired or reprimanded as a result of the audit.