Fitness Tips: Good sneakers are a must |

Fitness Tips: Good sneakers are a must

In more ways than one, proper footwear is the base of a successful workout. Sneakers are a vital part to preventing injuries, getting a good workout and staying motivated. The best time to shop for new shoes is in the evening as the feet swell during the day and are their biggest in the evening. Choose your shoes with a purpose. They are designed differently to provide support in different ways. Some shoes are designed for heel-toe action like running shoes, where basketball or aerobic shoes tend to include side-to-side support as well. Your shoes should feel comfortable from the first try-on. Don't purchase them thinking they will feel better after they get broken in. Running, working out, or just wearing them should make them more comfortable, but they should feel comfy before that as well. Keep in mind that you might be a good candidate for inserts or orthotics to make the perfect shoe safer and more effective.

Bridget R. Sanders, PTA

The Memorial Hospital Physical Therapy Department

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