Fitness Tip: Protein shakes help burn fat |

Fitness Tip: Protein shakes help burn fat

The last five weeks we have reviewed ways of building muscle faster which have included gaining muscle, interval training, eating lean protein, taking fish oil supplements, and this final week covers consuming a small pre-workout protein drink.

Pre-workout protein consumption can promote fat burning after your workout, even continuing the day after. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal posted a study that reports consuming a protein drink prior to heavy resistance training may be effective in increasing energy expenditure during rest the day after your workout, resulting in a reduction of body fat mass and improving body composition. According to Medical News Today, whey protein is a complete protein containing all of the essential amino acids, is lower in lactose content and recommended for building muscle. You wouldn't have to consume an entire shake before working out. Make a shake, drink some before your workout and the rest as your "after-workout" shake.

Bridget R. Sanders, PTA

The Memorial Hospital Physical Therapy Department

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