Final version of county oil, gas lease reviewed |

Final version of county oil, gas lease reviewed

Ryan Sheridan

The Moffat County Board of County Commissioners expect to review and approve the final piece of the proposed oil and gas lease application that will cover all applications for resource exploration in Moffat County. The checklist for surface owners were presented Tuesday at the Commissioners meeting for review and possible approval. If approved, the application and lease agreement will be complete and will be available to companies and landowners at the County Clerk’s Office.

The Board of County Commissioners meeting started at 8:30 a.m. today at the Courthouse.

This is a unique exercise for the area. Other counties in the Rocky Mountain area do not have a standardized lease for resource exploration.

“This is an opportunity to set the standard for other counties,” Moffat County Commissioner T. Wright Dickinson said. “In the development of our minerals, we need to make sure our people get taken care of. The anguish down in Garfield [County] over surface owner and mineral owner conflicts shows this lease is needed.

“We want the companies to realize they have a higher standard of responsibility when dealing with folks in Moffat County.”

The lease application is structured so it can be filled out between the prospective company and the land or surface owner. The County will not be involved in negotiations or enforcement of conditions unless called upon by one of the involved parties.

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Upon approval, the text of the lease will be available upon request at the County Clerk’s Office and online once the lease has downloaded onto the county Web site.

In other business, the Commissioners:

Heard a report from county administration. Updates of the indoor arena examination and the search for a human resource employee were given.

Heard a report from the Planning Commission, including proposals for the Baker CUP gravel pit and the final plat of the Schukar Minor Subdivision.

Received an update on the ice arena from Steve Grandbouche.

Reviewed the vehicle maintenance and gas card proposals from the sheriff’s department.

Joined with Jim Robertson for a discussion on the Moffat County Public Safety Center.

Oversaw the Board of Equalization hearings on tax issues for Safeway stores, Kmart, Corinne Jackson, Ehrich/Freidhelm and William and Shirley Baird. Those people and businesses are protesting their 2000 property tax valuations.

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