Fashion Revue highlights Fair |

Fashion Revue highlights Fair

Ryan Sheridan

Modeling their outfits and accessories, the young ladies of 4-H strode onto the stages and posed as they presented the 2001 Fashion Revue of the 83rd annual Moffat County Fair.

The 18 participants showed off their projects, which varied from a scarf and headband set to a camouflage hunting outfit. The girls were judged on their modeling skills and the actual workmanship of the projects.

This year’s theme was “Under the Sea,” and a stage covered with a treasure chest, a sunken ship, seashells and sea life provided the backdrop and the musical theme for the show. The theme was selected by both the organizers and the participants.

“The theme was selected in May, first by the organizers, and then we have a meeting with the girls. We need to see what props we could do, what we have to work with,” said Starla Durham, a Fashion Revue organizer. “The show went well, the girls got to show off their projects and complete their requirements [for 4-H]. We had rehearsals Thursday afternoon, Friday morning, then Friday’s show. They’ve worked hard to get this show together.”

The categories were Fashion Revue, where the girls were judged on Friday’s performance; Clothing Units 1-42, where each higher unit is a progression of skills, with Unit 1 being the basics and participants advancing from there; and Decorate Your Duds and Heritage Arts, which covers such styles such as knitting and crochet.

Decorate Your Duds and Heritage Arts projects allow the girls to do any project they want, Durham said.

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“It’s optional what they make, and what they use to make it,” she said. “This has always been a big day for us, and I feel it’s been a good show.”

The outfits are a culmination of the project requirements for 4-H. The girls organized and recorded their project, and then completed the work to display at the County Fair.

Cassandra Rogers, 11, was happy with the show and the fact that she repeated as Junior Grand Champion for the Fashion Revue segment. She and her mother, Tammy, are looking forward to the State Fair, in which Rogers will be competing in because she finished Top in Unit for Unit 3 of Clothing in the junior category.

Jennifer Pressley, 14, enjoyed her first year of 4-H, and of Fair competition. Pressley was born in Ping Xiang of the Jiang Xi Province of China, and has lived in the United States for 18 months. She was happy with her awards, and is excited about next year in 4-H and next year’s project. Pressley’s adoptive mother, Mary, had a two of her four adopted daughters, all from China, participating this year.

“Next year, we’ll have three daughters involved. The fourth will be too small,” Pressley said. “This has been the first 4-H experience for the girls, and it’s been wonderful. It’s great that the Fair gives kids a chance to find and develop talents. The girls talk to the orphanage every couple of months, and the director of the orphanage Jennifer came from will be thrilled to hear about her accomplishments.”

Overall, the Fair has been basically successful, according to Nate Balstad, Moffat County 4-H director.

“We had an excellent fashion show tonight, and we saw a lot of kids receive awards,” he said. “So far, things have gone pretty well.”

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