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Families find local resources for teens

Shiloh Homes provides for troubled youth throughout Moffat County

Ryan Sheridan

For many, having a youth care facility in Craig is important. Families that need the resources of a youth care facility wanted their children to be counseled and treated locally, not shipped off to some distant county. Moffat County attempted to run a program of that nature, but was unable to make it work, so the county began a process of searching for an accredited, private organization that could run a youth care facility for Craig, Moffat County and the surrounding counties of Northwest Colorado.

In June, Shiloh Homes took over the county’s youth care program, and now its program is beginning to find its bearings.

Shiloh Homes is now housing four teens in the facility at 1324 E. Highway 40, the old Armory builing, and presently has a staff of 11, consisting of two night treatment counselors, five day treatment counselors, a full-time therapist, a cook, a receptionist and Administrator, Anthony Noble.

Shiloh Homes has recently hired two more treatment counselors for Craig, so the facility has a capacity for 10 teens. There are plans to hire a second clinician as the program grows.

“I think it’s going very well, we’re really pleased,” Shiloh Homes Chief Operating Officer Don Klumb said. “We’ve been open for six weeks, getting the new staff hired, getting them comfortable with our program, learning our philosophy of care. We are moving in stages, making sure everyone is comfortable with their new roles.”

The progression of both resident and staff numbers is in line with Shiloh Homes’ expectations.

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Shiloh Homes staff has traveled from Denver during the organization and orientation process. The clinical director of Shiloh Homes, Pam Hricik, has been working in the Craig facility since its inception, with this being her last full week, and Klumb has visited the facility.

“We rotate people up from Denver as needed to support Anthony and his staff,” Klumb said.

Noble has been “wearing many hats” getting the facility together, according to Klumb.

“Anthony has been in charge of budgets while serving in some capacity as residential program director, clinical director, quality assurance and overseen the school, on top of being administrator,” he said.

The youth care center staff have been satisfied by the Armory building, where the staff and residents are housed. The building has provided a safe setting for residents, and fulfills Shiloh Homes’ needs for its programs and activities. The building could house the Shiloh Homes program after the two year lease from the county expires, but that situation remains unclear.

“The way we left it with the county was that we would see how this works for the two year lease, then put our heads together and see what’s best for everyone, and that’s what we plan to do,” Klumb said.

Shiloh Homes is very close to hiring a teacher for the school that will be run at the facility, so the Shiloh Homes program should be in full swing at the beginning of the school year.

“Our goal is to serve western and Northwestern Colorado in their needs for a youth care facility, and we are moving toward that,” Klumb said. “We are already helping some families from Northwest Colorado.”

The staff of the youth care center is looking forward to an open house they will be holding on Tuesday. The entire facility will be open to the public, and the resident teens will be out on a planned activity.

“We very excited for the open house. We want the people to feel good about Shiloh Homes in Craig, and it’s an opportunity for us to learn more about the community we’re working in,” Klumb said. “It will be an opportunity for us to meet our neighbors and talk, visit and learn from them.

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