Faith Column: Earth, wind and fire

Okay, the title may have brought many back to the 60s and 70s with the band that has the same name. No this column is not going to reminisce about a band in the past. The Christian church just celebrated one of the three major events in the history of the church, the other two being the birth of Jesus and his resurrection.

Faith Column: Embrace your weaknesses as God does

Every one of us has weaknesses. There are physical, emotional, relational, financial and intellectual weaknesses. There are things your body can’t do. Some of us even have fashion weaknesses! We have all different kinds of weakness.

Faith Column: Love and acceptance

When I was reflecting upon what subject I wanted to write about this week, I felt called to write about a portion of the Gospel according to Matthew that kept recurring in my thoughts.

Faith Column: God will show you the way

It can be eerily similar with each of us as far as the gospel goes. We so often intend to follow a good, well-planned, righteous path to our heavenly Father and eternal life, but then the wheels come off.

Faith Column: The question

Mark 8:29 (NASB): “But who do you say that I am?’ Peter answered and said to Him, ‘You are the Christ.’” As high school seniors prepare to graduate and move on to the next chapter of their lives, they have many questions that they must answer: What will I do after graduation? What kind of job will I get? Where will I go to college? It seems at times that there is no end to the questions. All of these questions are important, but they are not the most important question. The most important question they will answer is one that was posed more than 2,000 years ago to a group of largely illiterate men who were following Jesus: “Who do you say that I am?”

Faith column: Keep flying with Jesus

My name is Scott Middleton, and I, along with my wife, Pam, moved to Craig in January to begin serving with the Craig Christian Church. We had served as missionaries in Scotland for five years. In July 2008, because of my father’s failing health, we returned to the states where I accepted the position as senior minister for Providence Christian Church in Sugar Land, Texas.

Faith Column: Real love hurts

“Blessed are those who mourn, ….” “Real love hurts; real love makes you totally vulnerable and open; real love will take you far beyond yourself; and therefore real love will devastate you,” (quoted from “The Wisdom Jesus,” Cynthia Bourgeault).

Faith Column: Give thanks for our community

We live in a great community, don’t you agree? Sure we have our problems, but we work together to try to resolve them.

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Resurrecting the history of Craig churches

Sunday is a significant day for those of the Christian faith as they celebrate the events forming the basis of their religion, the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. With numerous local sites to worship during the holiday, the Craig Daily Press has compiled a brief history for many of the churches in town.

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New Creation Church to offer eggs-cellent event

Craig Easter egg hunt features many activities

For the third year in a row, New Creation Church is hosting an Easter egg hunt for families in the community at 11 a.m. Saturday.

Karen Gibson: Easter joys

I see it silently in stores all around town. They cry out for me, take me home, take me home let me go home with you. It is the pastel-colored flowers, reminding me of spring.

Leonard Browning: Ask Jesus what you need

I just returned from a week in Florida, where I experienced reinforcement in Biblical principles I am learning regarding helping people in need. Our family noticed a homeless woman setting up “camp” on the beach we were enjoying. Camp consisted of a number of cardboard boxes, a few beach towels and two well-worn beach umbrellas.

Faith Column: Rest this spring break as intended by Jesus

Springgggggggg Breaaaaaaak! For most adults it does not quite have the ring to it that it used to during college days. I am one of the few who get a reprieve when school is on a break because my work primarily involves youth.

Faith Column: 'Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord'

Lately, I've been thinking about my reactions to things and how I don't always have the best response. The Apostle Paul tells us in Galatians 5:22-23, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.”

Faith Column: Find your truth in life lessons

When one examines Jesus’ ministry he was all about teaching life lessons to his disciples and those around him.