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Faith Column: Why did Jesus die?

Why did Jesus come into the world and why did he die? Ask that question to anyone on the street and you’ll get answers from “Who’s Jesus?” to “I don’t know; it doesn’t make sense to me” to “Because he got in the way of the Jewish leaders?” Ask a member of a church and most will answer with the usual answer, “He came into the world died on the cross to save me from my sins.” Why did Jesus come into the world?

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Craig children invited to New Creation Church egg hunt Saturday

Craig families won’t have to search too far this weekend for some holiday fun. New Creation Church will host its annual Easter egg hunt Saturday morning, with registration beginning at 10 a.m. and the event in full gear at 11 a.m. at 520 Westridge Road.

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Faith Column: The importance of Palm Sunday

Christians recognize Jesus as the true king and Messiah

Palm Sunday. For some this is a significant Sunday. Palm fronds distributed to congregants, especially children, songs with loud praise and “Hosanna” somewhere in the lyrics.

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Craig Sports Briefs for March 18, 2016: Local church to host Friday film screening

Craig Christian Church, 960 W. Victory Way, will host a screening of the faith-based sports film “Woodlawn” at 7 p.m. Friday. The movie is a true story about high school football players fighting segregation in the South in the 1970s, including eventual NFL star Tony Nathan. The church welcomes donations for an upcoming mission trip.

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Faith Column: Walk with the Kingdom of God in your heart

This year in Bear River Young Life we have been going through the Gospel of Luke. Most of the time we teach about who Jesus is — either his humanity or his deity. Yet when preparing to teach from Luke 12, I realized that the chapter doesn’t point to Jesus’ attributes so much as it is his teaching life lessons. This column is taken from a couple of the club talks we had from this part of Luke.

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Faith Column: God’s Compelling Love

What would you do if you saw someone run toward an oncoming big rig and throw himself (or herself) down on the pavement right in front of the truck? What could you do? Call 911? Cringe? Wave your arms and holler? And we might wonder – “What compelled him/her to do that? What was s/he thinking?” While probably not as obvious or dramatic as throwing ourselves in front of an oncoming big rig, we all have ways to cope when we feel like our lives are out of control. “I’ll feel better after I run… go to the gym… get the house clean…” “Things will be better after I move… get a job… get a better job… all my bills are paid…” From God’s perspective, I think all of the above look like running toward a big rig — we feel compelled to do them even though these activities don’t fix what’s out of our control.

Faith Column: Fasting during Lent takes preparation

Start small with a one day fast for success

Beginning on Ash Wednesday the season of Lent begins in the Western Church. Although in the first few centuries the fasting aspect of Lent was only a few days long, it became a period of 40 days before Easter where fasting was strictly observed and the penitential aspect of Lent was emphasized by the addition of prayer, almsgiving and self denial, along with reading and meditating upon God’s holy word.

Faith Column: A recipe for salvation

Cookies, believe it or not, are something of a parallel with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our scriptures serve as our faithful cookbook passed on from generation to generation. Open the pages and there are any number of “recipes” inside that can lead us to eternal life. However, we can’t just pick and choose from them and hope to achieve everlasting salvation without doing some things in the proper order.

Faith Column: Your calling for Christ in your life

By Matthew 22:5, “But they paid no attention and went off, one to his farm, and another to his business.”

Faith Column: Final stage of the 2nd half of life

In the first article, I wrote on life’s journey, we are born with no knowledge beyond the biological urgings. We must find out who we are. We spend much time in the first half of life filing an empty vessel that God gave us. We fill it with many trappings of life, much of which is meeting the needs of the false self.

Faith Column: Resolutions

Happy New Year! When writing this article, I always ask God to let me know what words and ideas He wants someone in the reading audience to be blessed by. I could not think of any themes this time and nothing came into my mind from Him so I asked my daughter, Faith, what subjects might be good. She suggested talking about New Year’s resolutions.

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Craig's Community Budget Center works with multiple outlets to feed hungry

For the past several months, people seeking to put a bit more food on their plates — and on the plates of family members — have been able to find some help at the Community Budget Center.

Faith Column: Traditions and celebrations of the season

The following quote from Learning to Wait: An Advent Meditation (Richard Beck) sums up many of my thoughts and confusion regarding Advent, Christmas and Epiphany: “…Last year during Advent I noticed a lot of blog posts, Facebook updates and Twitter tweets lamenting people singing Christmas carols during Advent.

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Maria Landa: Building community, bridging the divide

Forty-two-year-old Maria Landa, mother of five, has been looking for her calling, and is beginning to find it through her religious faith and her work with the community of St. Michael’s Catholic Church.

Faith Column: Believe in Jesus and his gifts

I was shopping for Christmas cards the other day and saw a lot of “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings” cards. The inside of one card said something like, “May the spirit of Christmas be yours throughout the New Year.”