Faith column: Christ and Christmas

We were fortunate enough to have family with us this Christmas, and one of the things that we did was to watch an older Christmas movie. It had many things, the North Pole, Santa Claus, reindeer, elves and the Christmas Spirit, but, unfortunately, the one thing that it was missing was the Christ in Christmas. In the movie there was one reference to faith, a reference to having faith in things not seen, but left unseen, but then they explained that they were speaking of faith in Santa Claus.

Faith Column: Commitment makes a strong community

Community is about building relationships, relationships that are generative in nature which results in the bettering of the self in order to better serve others.

Pat Jones: True help in the name of Christ

Mary and Jack called Love INC the other day, (you can use any name you wish, but I’ll use Mary and Jack for my family-the names have been changed to protect their identity). They were really struggling this year. Prices have gone up on food and everyday needs while income has dropped. Jack was a construction worker you know, and in the wintertime the job opportunities go down.

Faith column: Waiting, preparing, in joyful expectation

The snow that arrived on Tuesday night, the Christmas lights that adorn many houses and stores, the Christmas tree that was lighted on Saturday evening and then a Christmas Parade are just a few of the ways that the season of Christmas has already started illuminating our lives.

Leonard Browning: Give thanks as God intended

As we should, this time of year we focus on being thankful. I recently was challenged to look at our word Thanksgiving and the celebration thereof with a new focus. Within this word, the compound of thanks and giving, we associate and encourage things related to being thankful. Generally, we mean thanksgiving, reflected in our attitude. My new focus is on the second part of the compound — giving.

Hiking after the one thing

One of my favorite achievements of my youth was earning my Eagle Scout badge. I loved almost every minute of scouts, from my first Pinewood Derby as a Tiger Cub, to my Eagle Scout ceremony in high school. In addition, my grandparents started the troop in my town and my uncle and dad were leaders, so it was a family adventure. When I look back at it, scouts gave me a passion for the outdoors, which is a big part of why I moved to Colorado after college.

Katie Grobe: Waiting tests our resolve

One of the most difficult things for me is waiting — waiting for something to happen, waiting to recover from grief or illness or waiting for someone to follow through. Waiting tests our resolve, tempers our excitement and clearly delineates our weaknesses.

Tim Douglas: Honor, courage and commitment

In just a few days on Nov. 11, we will commemorate Veterans Day. I would like to say a great big thank you to all those who are veterans and to those family members of veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Craig church raises $6,000 for Community Kitchen

One local charitable group will be able to ensure its dishes are full of food for quite some time. St. Michael’s Community Kitchen brought in $6,115 from its recent Empty Bowl fundraiser, money that will be used entirely to further the services of the church organization’s mission of feeding the hungry of Craig and Moffat County.

Faith column: Humbled by saints before us

There are many faith traditions within Christianity that celebrate the memory of the saints who have gone before us. One of them revolves around the celebration of Halloween that will be upon us in a few weeks. Halloween actually is a word that combines (All) Hallows Evening (E’en), the day before All Saints Day, a day dedicated to the saints, martyrs and all other faithful departed Christians.

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Love INC pig roast raises funds, brings Craig together

The turnout was sizable at the Moffat County Fairgrounds Pavilion Sunday afternoon for the seventh annual Love INC pig roast and silent auction fundraiser. About 200 people came out for a good meal and good times with the people of Craig and Moffat County.

Katie Grobe: Positive outlooks provide positive results

I like to golf, but the problem is that I am not good at it. I’m not that bad, but I’m definitely not that good.

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Christian rockers Rhett Walker Band to play at The Journey

If you want energetic music with a strong message and you don’t want to wait until Sunday, The Journey at First Baptist is the place to be mid-week. The Journey will host Christian group Rhett Walker Band Tuesday at 7 p.m. RWB is a Southern Christian rock ensemble from Nashville, Tenn., whose 2012 debut album “Come to the River” launched successful singles of the title track and the Grammy-nominated “When Mercy Found Me.”

Tim Douglas: Troubled? Who’s not!

We all face trouble in life and a lot of the trouble we face is either unexpected or, as in my case and perhaps yours, many times self inflected.

Tony Bohrer: Guard your heart

At the Lighthouse Of Craig, we are finishing up a series called “New Hearts,” and I would like to share a little bit from the first part. It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not — we all have had hurts that damaged our hearts.