Bain White: Life of faith must be lived in the community

One of the most common questions that I hear during discussions about dealing with faith is "how much time and effort should be placed into performing works?"

Neil Folks: Nothing exists outside of 'now'

Now is listed as an adverb in the dictionary — a modifier of verbs, telling how, when, where and to what degree the action is performed. Have you ever experienced, done, thought or felt anything outside the now in this moment?

Leonard Browning: The true meaning of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a federal holiday that occurs every year on the final Monday of May.

David Pressgrove: Baccalaureate an opportunity worth taking advantage of

I still have fond memories of my high school baccalaureate.

Katie Grobe: Be open to those God brings to us

There are people out there who need Christians to get out of the way and stop trying to fix them so that they can connect with God and allow Him to work in their lives.

Tim Douglas: Just 15 minutes could save a life

I read a quote once from Dwight L. Moody, a great American evangelist of the last half of the 19th century, which said, “God does nothing except in response to prayer.”

Tony Bohrer: Turning my stumbling block into a steppingstone

On the path we call life, there are mountaintops, and there are valleys. Then, there are pits, and those pits sometimes are dug by us, and other times, we are thrown in by someone else.

The Rev. Bain White: Indebted to a heretic

Have you ever thought about what caused the early church to decide what works should be included in the New Testament? It is a question that has been asked of me numerous times, and surprisingly enough, I often respond by saying that the books in the New Testament that we consider to be canonical came about in part through the actions of a person determined to be a heretic.

Neil Folks: Spiritual gifts and natural abilities

There seems to be some misunderstanding as to the difference between a spiritual gift and a natural ability.

Karen Gibson: The anticipation of Easter

My fondest memories of Easter are connected to yellow daffodils. I recall attending church one Easter Sunday as a child.

Katie Grobe: Teaching your kids the right lessons

At the Yampa Valley Pregnancy Center, we provide classes on pregnancy, infant care and parenting.

Tony Bohrer: It is what it is ... or is it?

I can’t stand the saying “It is what it is.” Who came up with it and why is it so popular? To me it seems like a cop out. Sounds like, “Well, I will just put up with it.”

Leonard Browning: The Gospel according to Victor Hugo

“Les Miserables” is one of my favorite stories. I thought I fell in love with “Les Mis” (forget the full name, no one can pronounce it anyway) after watching the 1998 film production starring Liam Neeson, but only after reading the print version of the time-honored classic did I experience my true love affair with the story. While the Neeson film does justice to the book and story, so much more is revealed in each character, story line and plot in the pages of the book itself.

Bain White: Preparing for the resurrection

Although it seems as though Christmas was just upon us, we are preparing to enter the season of Lent in the church. Ash Wednesday will be celebrated Feb. 13 this year. The day marks the beginning of Lent, a forty-day period of time in which we are called upon to prepare ourselves, through penitence and fasting, for Easter, the day of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Karen Gibson: There will be interruptions

How could it be the flu? After all he had gotten a flu shot. The Visiting Nurses said for vulnerable people the extra strength type of vaccine is a good idea. Somehow the germs got through the invisible barrier and now the nagging cough keeps him awake all night, interrupting his routine.