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Faith Column: Knowing how to connect with scripture

Have you ever read something in the holy scriptures that just shook you to your very core, scared the “bewillikers” out of you, and forced you to examine your country, your faith, your schools, your politics, and yes, even your very being? For me, when I read these words from Amos, one of the Minor Prophets, writing prior to the Assyrian invasion of the Northern Kingdom of Israel in approximately 760-750 B.C., they shook me to my core.

Gerard Geis: Suffer the little children

We adults tend to give kids less credit for wisdom than we should, and we tend to discard their homespun wisdom and colorful vocabulary as being “cute.” We can learn a lot from children, though, and doing so would help us increase our faith and be better sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.

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Faith Column: Sage, elder and wisdom-keeper

By definition the sage is considered a mentor in spiritual and philosophical topics who is renowned for profound wisdom. Wisdom is accumulated knowledge or erudition of enlightenment. The sage is thought to have wisdom that comes with age and experience or the wisdom-keeper in some societies.

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Many hours of giving earn Robin Schiffbauer Best Volunteer

A giving spirit can be found in many small-town residents, but the people of Moffat County recognized one of Craig’s most selfless as the Best Community Volunteer. Robin Schiffbauer took the title this year as the area’s most active do-gooder, having a hand in many facets of Craig that strive to improve the lives of others.

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Faith Column: A father’s influence

Fathers are a God idea. God’s design for authority on the earth is for protection, provision and promotion. God has placed a leadership authority upon fatherhood.

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Faith Column: Find your ‘ideal church’

Everyone probably has their own idea of the ideal church: organs and hymns; drums, guitars, songs from K-LOVE; not too much preaching; pews, not chairs; stained glass windows; storefront building… the list would be very long and detailed.

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Faith Column: What’s your self worth?

I would think it is safe to say that most of us reading this article today has or is struggling with self worth. It is something that maybe we try to hide, excuse or even act like it’s not a big deal. The reason it is a big deal is because it affects the way we make decisions, how we communicate with people and how we give and receive love.

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Faith Column: In darkness, light is found through faith

As I was pondering the readings for this upcoming Sunday I was surprised at what kept coming into mind. Believe it or not, the African-American spiritual song from the horrible slavery days kept looming in my mind’s eye. I’m sure that you will remember it when I start with “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen, nobody knows my sorrow,” and speaks to the trouble and sorrows that we endure on earth.

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Faith Column: All about forgiveness

This morning, as part of our Seminary class study of the Old Testament, we were discussing Jonah. You remember the story, right? Jonah is called by God as a prophet and commands him to go to Nineveh to preach. Ordinarily this might not be a problem, but Nineveh was one of the seats of the Assyrian Empire.

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Craig’s Calvary Baptist encourages Christian elements in education

Private school shares faith with community

For students of Calvary Baptist School, the curriculum includes subjects like math and English, but both in and out of the classroom, sharing their faith with the world is part of the learning experience.

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Faith Column: What it means to be a Christian

Sadly in this cultural moment the word “Christian” has become largely meaningless.

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Faith column: Orthodox Easter

For most Christians in North America, Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies have long since been eaten, Easter having been celebrated March 27.

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Faith Column: The Servant Leader

During my years of wandering and working various jobs, I learned something about Christian leadership. I was the low man on the job site when one of the upper echelon bosses showed up at the job site and asked, “Tell me what to do; I’m at your service.” I tried to suggest that he should give the orders. He replied, “You’ve been here a few days, and you know the lay of the land.” He actually did what I asked him to do.

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Faith Column: His name is victory

Jesus ministered for three years on earth. During Jesus’ ministry, Satan had lost every single confrontation with him. What a losing streak. God’s wisdom called for Christ to defeat death through death.

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Scores turn out to celebrate Easter Egg Hunt at New Creation Church

New Creation Church holds fifth annual Easter Egg celebration, with warm enthusiasm in the cold weather

“This year we condensed it a little bit because of the weather, but we still have temporary tattoos, we have the bunny that’s running around, we have a photo booth and bounce houses, and we have sensory tables and a bubble,” Children's Pastor Amber Goodenow said.