Faith Column: God's plans to heal

Every summer Bear River Young Life takes youth on adventures. This summer one of our trips was a backpacking trip with six youth and two leaders. Kelly Knez a 2014 MCHS graduate was on the trip and had an amazing experience. I asked her to write about it for my column this time around — David Pressgrove, BRYL area director.

Faith Column: Listen to God's nudges

There are times when God asks us to do stuff that doesn’t make sense like moving when others think we should stay or giving when we have nothing left. When I’m faced with a decision that could lead to actions that don’t add up, I look to some stories from the Bible. There are so many stories of requests God made of people that seem contrary or just plain weird.

Faith Column: Change… please… anyone!

Why is it so difficult to change? I believe we are more creatures of habit than we would admit at times. I know I am and many times find comfort in my routine. I read once that to effectively integrate new habits into our lives it takes at least 90 days.

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Back-to-School Fair sends off Craig students well supplied

Love INC of the Yampa Valley hosted its second annual Back-to-School Fair on Saturday in Alice Pleasant Park in downtown Craig, offering a convenient, one-stop location for families to handle many of the things that they need before sending children on their way to a new grade.

The Rev. Bain White: Acceptance in all ethnicities and religions

What are the best circumstances for you in which to learn? Personally, for me to learn my very best, I prefer to be able to have numerous reference books around me, complete quiet and tranquility and an open mind.

Faith Column: The ‘key’ to God’s love

How many times have we been looking for something and it’s right there in front of us?

Faith Column: Faith in Jesus should not waver

Salvation is the great issue for all of us whether we acknowledge this reality or not. Why do we need salvation? Because each one of us is a sinner, this means that each and every day often numerous times during the day we go against God’s will in our lives.

Eagle Lake Camp in Craig starting Monday

The Journey at First Baptist will host Eagle Lake Camp for local children Aug. 4 to 8 at Craig Christian Church, 960 W. Victory Way.

Faith Column: Seek a relationship with Jesus

On the shores of Loch Ness outside of Inverness, Scotland there stands a castle called Urquhart. Or I should say the remains of a castle.

Faith Column: Helping in love

Our community is a wonderful place to live. The people are friendly and helpful; there are many, many churches to join for worship; and we have a diversity of helping agencies that aid our disadvantaged neighbors. People here are compassionate and caring — this is one of the many benefits of living in the Yampa Valley.

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Craig’s Karen, Phillip Gibson prepare for new chapter

Friendship United pastors to move to Ohio

At the end of this week, Karen and Phillip Gibson will say goodbye to the town they’ve called home for more than 20 years. And although it will be a sad occasion for the couple, it’s also the beginning of something very special.

Karen Gibson: Craig church has 'been a blessing to us'

Just as St. Paul wrote to the Church at Philippi I write to you: Twenty years ago in the summer of 1994 when our children had graduated from Rifle High School, I moved to Craig. My husband, Phillip Gibson, Jr., had already lived here two-and-a-half years by himself, transferring here as an MSHA Coal Mine Inspector.

Faith Column: Help those in need

Meeting needs at the practical and educational levels is awesome, but getting to address spiritual needs is amazing.

Faith Column: Earth, wind and fire

Okay, the title may have brought many back to the 60s and 70s with the band that has the same name. No this column is not going to reminisce about a band in the past. The Christian church just celebrated one of the three major events in the history of the church, the other two being the birth of Jesus and his resurrection.

Faith Column: Embrace your weaknesses as God does

Every one of us has weaknesses. There are physical, emotional, relational, financial and intellectual weaknesses. There are things your body can’t do. Some of us even have fashion weaknesses! We have all different kinds of weakness.